22+ Quotes by Abdullah ibn Masud

Abdullah Ibn Masud born on c.594, in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and passed away on 650 AD, Medina, Saudi Arabia. was a companion of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad, (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). Abdullah ibn Masud (May Allah be pleased with him) was a very good reciter of the Quran. Abdullah ibn Masud (Radhi Allahu Anhu) was one of the early Muslims, being the sixth to embrace Islam.

Some Quotes by Abdullah ibn Masud, (May Allah be pleased with him) are as follows:

“They will recite the Quran, but it will not go beyond their throats, The Quran recitation is only beneficial when it reaches the heart and firmly planted in it.” – Abdullah Ibn Masud // Quotes on purification of soul

“It brings me greater joy to know that Allah has accepted one good action of mine, than owning the entire world full of gold.” – Abdullah Ibn Masud

“One of the worst sins is when a man says to his brother ‘fear Allah,’ and he replies, worry about yourself.” – Abdullah Ibn Masud

A man asked Ibn Masud: Tell us about hell-fire, how is it? He said: “If You were to see it, your heart would disappear from its place.”

“There is no comfort or rest for the believer until he meets Allah.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“This world (Dunya) is (only taken as) a home by those who will have no real home in (in Jannah), and it is the wealth of those who will have no real wealth, and it is gathered and collected for by those who have no real intelligence.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Beware of what disturbs the hearts. If something unsettles your heart, then abandon it.” – Abdullah Ibn Masud

“The leader of All days is Friday (Jummah) and leader of all months is Ramadan.” – Abdullah Ibn Masud

“The greed of two will never be quenched: the seeker of knowledge and the seeker of the world.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“I dislike to see a man being idle-neither with beneficial Dunya affairs nor deeds of the Aakhira.”- Abdullah ibn Masud

“Imitate and follow The Messenger of Allah, (Peace Be Upon him) and do not do bid’ah(innovation), for what you have been commanded is enough for you.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“When the righteous are mentioned, ‘Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) is mentioned.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“The thing which deserves most to be imprisoned is the tongue.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“If a grievance is preceded by Shukr, it will not remain a grievance.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“The most barren house is the one in which the Quran is not recited.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“The people with the most sins on the Day of Judgement will be those who involved themselves with falsehood.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“The one who gives a fatwā to people for every question that he is asked is crazy.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“I never regret anything as much as a day in which the sun sets, my lifespan decreases & my good deeds never increased.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Beware of lying, Lying leads to corruption & corruption leads to the Fire.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“You must tell the truth. Truthfulness leads to right action. Right action leads to the Garden.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“The love of the Quran and the love of music cannot combine in the heart of a believer.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Indeed, a person forgets knowledge that he had learned because of a sin that he performs.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“How many there are who intend good but do not achieve it.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Follow and don’t innovate, for indeed you have been sufficed, and every Innovation is Misguidance.” – Abdullah Ibn Masud

“Whoever loves the Quran will love Allah and His Messenger.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Indeed, a Person Forgets Knowledge that he had learned Because of a Sin that he performs.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Knowledge is not giving big talks, but it is to have awe, fear and adab (respect) of Allah.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“It is better to be merciful than right.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Allah has placed joy in certainty and contentment, and He has placed sadness in doubt and discontentment.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Verily the emptiest of houses are those that are empty of the Book of Allah.”- Abdullah ibn Masud

“I caution you about speaking unnecessarily. A person has said enough by restricting his speech to necessity.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Practicing Sunnah modestly is better than Practicing bid’ah eagerly.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“In the life of this world, everyone is a guest and his wealth a loan. The guest will part and the loan will be returned.” -Abdullah Ibn Masud

“We worshiped Allah openly first after ‘Umar (RA) became a Muslim.” — Abdullah ibn Masud

“Doing a little of sunnah is better than striving hard in innovation.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Don’t scatter the recitation of Quran like the scattering of cheap dates and do not ramble it like the rambling of poetry.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

““The believer sees his sins as if he were sitting beneath a mountain which he feared was about to fall upon him.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Love for Allah and hate for Allah, make your enmity because of Allah and your allegiance because of Allah.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Take as guides those who have already died. For those who are still alive are not yet safe from deviation.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“The knowledge of a hypocrite is in his speech, while the knowledge of a believer is in his actions.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“True faith is to not try to please other people by doing things which are displeasing to Allah.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Whoever reads one letter from the book of God will earn reward thereby…”- Abdullah ibn Masud

“A person is not born an alim; knowledge is obtained through learning.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“If my sins had a bad smell, nobody would sit next to me.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Know how you speak but more importantly, know whom you’re speaking to.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Music creates hypocrisy in the heart.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

“Whoever Reads Al-Waqiah Every Night Shall Not Be Afflicted By Poverty Ever.” – Abdullah ibn Masud

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