11+ Quotes by Abu Darda

Abu Darda, (May Allah have mercy on him) was one of the companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him).

Some Quotes by him are as follows:

“Learn before knowledge is lifted (from you). For indeed knowledge is lifted with the death of the scholars.” – Abu Darda, (May Allah be pleased with him)

“You will never be misguided so long as you follow the footsteps of Prophet (Peace Be Upon him.” – Abu Darda

“When you remember the dead, consider yourself…one of them.” – Abu Darda

“If i get angry, please me and if you get angry i’ll please you. Otherwise when we will not be like this, we will split up quickly.” – Abu Darda

“The provisions of a person seek him out…just like his death does.” – Abu Darda

“Those who keep their tongues wet with the dhikr of Allah….will enter Paradise smiling.” – Abu Darda

“There is neither happiness nor envy for whoever remembers death often.” – Abu Darda

“He who feels that he is in need of this life, then he has no life.” – Abu Darda

“We ask Allah for a lasting faith, true certainty & beneficial knowledge.” – Abu Darda

“Verily, Allah accepts only from those who are are al-muttaqoon (pious).” – Abu Darda

“If you knew what U are facing after death, U would not eat UR meal nor drink with any appetite.” – Abu Darda

”Call upon Allah during UR days of ease so that perhaps He will answer U on UR days of hardship.” – Abu Darda

“He who remembers death often, then his delight becomes less & his enviousness (of others) diminishes.” Abu Darda

“For everything there is a polish and the polish for the heart is the dhikr of Allah.” – Abu Darda

“Silence is a form of wisdom, yet few people practice it.” – Abu Darda

Ibn Rajab reported: A man said to Abu Ad-Darada , ‘Advise me’ Abu Ad-Darda said, “Remember Allah the exalted when you are happy and he will remember you during adversity. Call upon Allah during your joyful days that perhaps He will respond to you during days of hardship.”

“A good companion is better than loneliness, and loneliness is better than bad companion. The one who calls to goodness is better than the one who is silent, and the silent one is better than the one who calls to evil.” – Abu Darda

Abu Darda (May Allah be pleased with him) said:
“It is better to advise your friend than to severe relations with him, for no one can take the place of your friend if you lose him. Be generous and lenient with your friend, and do not allow an envious person to come between you and him, for in this case, your friend might die tomorrow and you grieve for him. However, how could you grieve after he dies, when you have shunned him when he was still alive?” Sifatus-Safwah, 1/364

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