15+ Quotes by Imam Abu Hanifa (May Allah have mercy on him)

Imam Abu Hanifa (May Allah have mercy on him) was born on 5-September 699 AD, in Kufa, Iraq and passed away on 14-June 767 AD, Baghdad, Iraq was an Islamic scholar and Imam.

Some Islamic Quotes and sayings by Imam Abu Hanifa, (May Allah be pleased with him) are as follows:

“To deem a thousand disbelievers as Muslims is safer with Allah than deem one Muslim a disbeliever.” – Imam Abu Hanifa // Calling a muslim a kaafir is comes under biggest sins so never declare kaafir to a Muslim!

“For the attainment of knowledge satisfaction is useful and satisfaction is not gained by increasing information but by decreasing it.” – Imam Abu Hanifa, (May Allah have mercy on him)

“If I ever say something that contradicts the book of Allah and the Prophet(Peace be upon him) then leave my statement.” – Abu Hanifa

Imam Abu Hanifa Rahimahullah Said :
Woe to you “ oh Yaqoob Do not write everything you hear from me, May be I have an opinion today , and may be I refuse it tomorrow. Or may be I hold myself to one opinion tomorrow and refuse it the next day.  // We should not become sectarian and call others kaafir. “As to those who reject Faith, It is the same to them Whether thou warn them Or do not warn them; They will not believe.” (The Holy Quran, 2:6 Al Baqarah) // If you donot have enough islamic knowledge then beware of calling others as kaafir because you may fall and be one of them if you declare kaafir to a person who is not kaafir but a muslim.

“It is unlawful for any person to accept my view without knowing the source from where we got them.” – Imam Abu Hanifa

“Practice what you have learned, for theory without practice is like a body without a soul.” – Imam Abu Hanifa

“That person who seeks knowledge to attain the World finds that knowledge has no place in his heart.” – Imam Abu Hanifa

“Difficulties are the result of sin. The sinful therefore does not have the right to lament when difficulties befall him.” – Imam Abu Hanifa

“A little action with knowledge is far more beneficial than a lot of action with ignorance.” – Imam Abu Hanifa

“If you learned the sacred knowledge for the sake of this world, then the knowledge will be never rooted in your heart.” – Imam Abu Hanifa

“Show affection to people as much as possible and greet even blameworthy people.”- Imam Abu Hanifa

Imam Abu Hanifa said: “Stick to the narrations and the way of the salaf(pious predecessors) and beware of newly invented matters for all of it is innovation.” (Sawn ul- Muntaq of Suyuti,pg32).

“When a hadith is authentic, then that is my madhab.” – Imam Abu Hanifa // Donot follow fabricated hadith

Once a man asked Imam Abu hanifa: ‘O Imam! When I take a bath in the river, should I face the Qibla or turn away from the Qibla?’
Then Imam replied, “If I were you, I would face my clothes, to make sure that no one runs off with them.”

Once When Imam Abu Hanifa was walking, a Jewish man came upto him and commented on his expensive clothes, which he was able to afford as he was a successful merchant.
The Jewish man said, ‘I though this world was supposed to be prison for you (Muslims)’
Then Imam Abu Hanifa(ra) replied, “If this is what Allah gives us in our prison, imagine what he will give us in our paradise.”

“Knowledge without deeds is like body without soul. As long as knowledge doesn’t embrace the existence of action it will not be enough not agreeable nor sincere.” – Imam Abu Hanifa

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