20+ Quotes on Allah is the Greatest

Allah is most merciful forgiving and he is the greatest. Some quotes related to Allah is the greatest are as follows:

“Allah Almighty is the Greatest who created beautiful creations.”

“Allah is greatest and greater than anything because Allah has created everything.”

“Allah Almighty is the Greatest who still takes care of us when we are sleeping.”

“Allah Almighty is the Greatest who is the only worthy to worship.”

“Allah is the greatest who sent many prophets to guide mankind.”

“Allah is the greatest who gives us birth and takes us back.”

“Allah is the greatest who blessed us with water, food, friend, family, relatives, knowledge and many more things. Thanks to Allah.”

“The greatest gift in this life is Islam. If Allah blessed us with that gift, everything else is secondary. Allah is the greatest. Who blessed me with Islam.”

“I am not greatest but Allah is the Greatest.” –  Muhammad Ali

“The Mercy of Allah is far greater than your sins. Always have hope and repent… Allah is the Greatest he will help you.”

“Allah is the greatest who can give life to even dead and take life any moment of the one who are still alive.” “Allah is th greatest who made zam zam water as the best water in the world.”

“Ya Allah, You are the greatest, protect us from arrogance and pride and make us righteous.”

“Allah is the greatest who says, Remember me, I will remember you and will give you everything.”

“Allah is the greatest who made unique face to every mankind.”

“No matter who is against you, if Allah is with you then no one can harm you. Allah is the greatest. Remember Allah, Allah will remember you and He will help you.”

“Allah’s mercy is greater than our sins so turn back to Allah. Surely Allah is the greatest who is most merciful and forgiving.”

“Allah is the Greatest who is always ready to help, forgive us, hear us. We just need knock the door of Allah by makings Duas and prayers.”

“Allah is the Greatest. There is no one greater than Allah Almighty.”

“Allah is the Greatest, Never lose faith in Him.”

“Allah never closes a door in your life without opening another. Be patient, Allah is the Greatest”

“Allah is one who is pure from any imperfection. Allah is the Greatest.”

“People May leave you but Allah never leaves a believer. Allah loves believers. Allah is the Greatest”

“No matter in what condition you are, return to Allah he will help you. Allah is the Greatest.”

“Allah is one who is most merciful and forgiving. Allah is one who loves to forgive believers.  Allah is the Greatest.”

“Allah is sufficient for us, All praise be to Allah, Allah the Only Allah, Allah knows all the things best, All praise be to Allah,Allah is the Greatest .”

“The tougher the trials, the bigger the blessings, Alhamdulillah, Allah is the Greatest.”

“No matter how major and how many sins you have committed. Allah is most merciful and forgiving. Come back to Allah. Allah will forgive you. Allah is the Greatest..”

“Allah is the ones who is all knowing and hearing. Allah is the Greatest.”

“I will always be grateful for Mercy of Allah, His Favor, His Amazing Grace!. Allah is the Greatest”

“Allah treats poor and rich equally. Surely Allah is the greatest.”

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