11+ Alone Status Quotes for Whatsapp

“If you have desire to be strong then learn to face difficulties alone.”

alone status for whatsapp

“We came alone in this world and you will die and leave this world alone”
“Try to learn how to move on alone, It is not supposed that those who are with you today will remain with you until tomorrow.”

“Keep good people around you otherwise go alone.”

“You donot need to call someone selfish nor feel alone, Remeber Almighty in every situiation.”

“Just becuse your heart says to meet someone this desonot mean that you are in need of them, Keep good people with you or atay alone.”

“Donot leave alone to those who help you in hardship, You need to help them no matter how rad situation you hve ben facing.”

“When your love is real then it gioves you peace but when it is fake and selfish then it gives you trouble.”

being alone status

“I feel no issue in being alone jut feel an issue feeling alone.”

feeling alone status

“I feel one of the worst feelings in my life when I am feeling alone whilst in the company of many.”

lonely status quotes

“Lonely is not just being alone but it is when we are surrounded by crowd of crowd of own people but no one cares of us.”

alone status quotes by Maxwell Maltz

“Never disrespect yourself, Love and respect yourself just like you are a best friend of yourself.”

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