11+ Angry Status Quotes for Whatsapp

Some angry status for WhatsApp are as follows:

“Never vent your and frustration towards your family and loved ones.”

“Sometimes eyes of an angry person reveal a lot.”

“Never send angry messages to anyone, Keep Calm and Get settled the things with your coolness and wisdom.”

“Sometimes I get angry, But I do my best to remove my anger asap and make sure I donot stay angry for a long time.”

“Never forget that angry behavior brings nothing to you but takes away your peace.”

“When you get angry then you lose your happiness, so to enjoy happiness you need stay away from your angry behavior.”

“A face becomes ugly when a person becomes angry.”

“Be cool and keep calm, feeling angry for no reason is not a wise thing.”

“You have right to be angry but you have no right to be cruel by pretending to be angry.”

“When you feel angry then your body feels tired.”

angry status for whatsapp

“You know true face of a person when he is in the situation of anger.”

“No one can make me angry because I live cool and never feel angry.”

“If someone insults you don’t feel angry nor frustrated, never let someone to take away your peace and happiness, Never lose your coolness, stay cool and respond in positive words and the way what is best.”

feeling angry status

“Anger is a very bad thing, it makes us feel so ugly.”

“Never feel angry or offended when someone criticize you, keep your critics beside you because if there are no critics then you may feel that you have been doing good even if you are doing wrong.”

status on angry

“Know that If I am being hurt then this don’t mean that I am angry.”

“Control your anger or lose your peace and happiness.”

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