5+ Anmol Vachan Translated from Hindi to English for Whatsapp Status

We have made good collection of Anmol Vachan messages in images form with their translation from Hindi to English. Feel free to download Anmol Vachan images and share on social sites with your family and loved ones.

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“It is better to become a good person instead of finding a good person because may be some one’s search of good person take end with you.”

anmol vachan on life

“A good behavior can complete the lack of bountifulness, but beautiful face can never  fill the gap of lack of behavior.”

anmol vachan on relationship

“Sometimes such situations are arises in our life that we have to apologize for the faults that even are not committed by us, this is merely done to save relationship.”

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“Sometimes we lose good in search of better.”

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“You cannot understand a good book and good person so easily, You have to study and after that you understand.”

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“Sometimes we are not so important for others as we think.”

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“Never make yourself so weak that you may require favor of others.”

download anmol vachan on behaviour

“A good behavior can overcome the lack of beauty but a beautiful face can never overcome the lack of good behavior.”

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