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Asmaa Husain is a Canadian writer who lost her husband during 2013 Egyptian peaceful protest. Her husband an innocent person who got killed by an Egyptian sniper during peaceful protest. Her husband Amr Kassem was a young pharmacist and a righteous man. Amr Kassem left this dunya by leaving her wife (Asmaa Husain) and a baby girl (Ruqaya). Now Asmaa Husain as as widow is taming and raising her daughter. She wrote a book on this issue named. a temporary gift: reflections on love, loss, and healing. Her books are available to buy on her blog Ruqayas Bookshelf ( to buy online. Her books are also available on Amazon but I think If you buy directly from her by contacting her then it would be more easy for you.

Asmaa Husain is not a Islamic scholar nor a very famous personality but yes She has a strong power of sabr (patience). Indeed, sabr makes us righteous and strong as well. We all face hardship and trials in our life. Difference is merely that some get hard trials/hardship while some get easy trials/hardship. Our Prophets (Peace Be Upon them All) also faced hardships and trials. If any one facing problem in enduring the hardships/trails then he/she should remember how hard were trials/hardships of our Prophets (Peace Be Upon them All).  Allah gives hardship and trials to us to not make us weak but to strengthen us.So we should accept Hardship and trials from Allah as blessings from him. If any hardship or trial strengthens our imaan then you should consider such hardships/trials as blessing from Allah and thank to him. Know that life of this dunaya (world) is enjoyment of deception so we should be aware of this dunya. We should not forget that every will die one and will leave this world. But blessed and lucky are those who leave this world when Allah is pleased with him/her and He Allah) has forgiven his/her all the sins. Allah gave us life not to enjoy life test us.

Allah loves sabr. Sabr is a tool for believer that makes everything easy for us believers so none of us should abandon sabr but we should patiently endure hardships and trials.

Despite of losing her husband she has not lost her hope. She believes her hope is Allah.
Allah says in Quran: “Only those who are patient shall receive their reward without accountability.” – [Quran 39:10]

May Allah offer reward to Asmaa Husain for her sabr, accept her husband (Amr Kassem) as martyr, help his family in this dunya and united him with his family in jannah.

After losing her husband she has wrote a book ‘A Temporary Gift: Reflections on Love, Loss, and Healing.’

Her book ‘A Temporary Gift’ is all about enduring hardship and trials patently and bringing light by overcoming hard moments by having faith in Allah. Single mothers also can learn something from her life that how to tame and raise a baby as a single mother by overcoming hardship. No one should worry about hardships. after every hardships there comes ease. If you are patently enduring and overcoming hardships then you are earning reward from Allah. And reward will be delivered to you hereafter when you will return to Allah.

If anyone want buy a copy ‘A Temporary Gift’ then he/she can order it on amazon. As there is available copy of this book. Hope you will find uniqueness in the content of this book and book will teach you how to overcome hardships.

Here some quotes are as bellow. You can read more quotes and sayings in her her book ‘A Temporary Gift.’. Her book is praised and endorsed by many prominent Muslim speakers, scholars and community leaders and book is having good reviews on amazon by its readers.

“Allah is one who mends the broken hearts.” – Asmaa Hussein

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“Sometimes we exist in a world where we hang onto individual puzzle pieces as though they are everything. But they aren’t. They are just pieces of a much bigger story.” – Asmaa Hussein

“No matter how much gratitude I express, it will never be enough to actually acknowledge the favours of Allah upon me.” – Asmaa Hussein

“You need to step away from your broken heart for just one moment and acknowledge that none of the things you have are even yours.Nothings belongs to you everything belongs to Allah. No person belongs to you. No money. No home. No health.” – Asmaa Hussein

“Allow everything to fall into place. Trust that Allah is with you, through the easy and the difficult, through the joy and the pain. Trust Him and you will thrive, no matter what.” – Asmaa Hussein

“We don’t have to choose what our ancestors chose. We don’t have to make the same mistakes they did. We take the good qualities they had and amplify them. We take the bad qualities they had and dispose of them.We don’t have to be the same as our friends or families either. Heck, we don’t even have to be the same person we were ‘yesterday’. ”  – Asmaa Hussein

“Our lives have become habitual to the point where we don’t even realize we are making decisions and choices. But we are. And yesterday’s choices don’t have to be today’s. We are dynamic creatures fundamentally capable of change.” – Asmaa Hussein

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If you want to buy her book ‘A Temporary Gift‘ in Paperback form or e-book to download the pdf form  to read online then visit her blog Ruqayas Bookshelf ( and contact her directly. I don’t recommend to search online the the pirated version of the book to download for free because she may not like this because If She is selling her book online then why she will want that people use download for free the pirated version and use for free. If you want help her then you can help her by just buying her books instead of trying to find resources to download her book (s) for free. I have added these lines because people are searching in Google with search terms like ‘a temporary gift eBook asmaa hussein pdf free download’ even some are providing free download on their blogs.

She is not limited only this but she has wrote more books. like Bismillah Soup, Yasmine’s Belly Button, Nusaiba and the 5th Grade Bullies, The Adventures of Malik and Ameerah (By Reyhana Ismail and Asmaa Hussein) etc. If you want buy from any these then you can contact her by visiting her blog.

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