21+ Awesome Status Quotes for Whatsapp

If you are looking for some awesome status quotes to share with your family or friends on social media then here is a great collection for you. Download our collected awesome status quotes and share on Facebook (FB), Pintrest, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp

“Keep motivating yourself and continue moving on towards the path of your goal and success, even if everyone gets tired.”

awesome status quotes on attitude for  whatsapp

“Never ignore someone when they are talking about amazing and awesome things that could be useful in your life.”

“Everyone deserves a chance to fix their mistakes and make life awesome.”

“Congrats my dear friends for you awesome achievements!.”

“life becomes awesome when your family and loved ones are around you.”

“You need to be good not just for others but for yourself as well.”

awesome status lines in english

“Be with those who help you to achieve your goals but not with those strive to destroy them.”

“I am planning to have awesome time with amazing people.”

“I feel awesome feeling to meet my loved ones.”

“Don’t cry for your loss, be happy and grateful for whatever you have, focus on present and make it awesome.”

“I hope everyone has an awesome and amazing life.”

“Stay safe and strive to make your life awesome.”

awesome motivational status

“Always choose what is right but not what is easy.”

“If someone is having silence and not responding you then this doesn’t mean that they agree with you, may be they got offended by your behavior.”

awesome status for whatsapp

“Always strive to be a better person.”

“Keep yourself ready to face challenges and hardship in your life, keep striving to make your life better and awesome.”

awesome status messages

“Just dreaming is not enough, you need to develop the ability and courage to pursue a dream.”

“If you want to live a good life then you should know that no one can get everything in their life, patience plays major role in making life happy and awesome.”

“Some people leave their goal of success after facing the hardship and failure but some people accomplish success after facing hardships and failure.”

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