Bahadur Shah Zafar’s Poetry (Shayari) in Hindi Translated in English

Bahadur Shah Zafar was last Mughal emperor in India. He was born on 24-October 1775, in Delhi India. and passed away on 7-November 1862, Yangon, Myanmar.

He was not just an emperor but also was a good kind of poet (shayar) as well. He used to express his views and feelings by his poetry (Shayari ).

He refused to accept to Britisher’s rule in India. So Britishers oppressed him, his family and his supporters a lot but he never accepted slavery of Britishers. He used to say that Britishers should respect sovereignty of India and leave our country India, and go back to their own country.

Bahadur Shah Zafar was a person who was having support of every community in India. Hindu and Muslims both accepted him as their leader and rallied to be united behind him against British rule in India. To see overwhelming support for him British regime sent him in exile in Yangon, Myanmar. His wish was to be buried in India but British regime didn’t allow to be buried him in India so He was buried in Mayanmar. He already knew that such things will happen with him to see behavior and attitude of British regime so expressed his feelings with his poetry (shayari) even when he was alive.

When Indian politicians and people visit Mayanmar then most probably they visit grave of Bahurdur Shah Jafar located in Yangon, Mayanmar. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited grave of Bhadur Shah Zafar 2012 and current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi visited grave of Bahadur Shah Zafar in 2017 in in Yangon.

His poetries, thoughts and quotes teaches many lessons for life. He wrote thousands of petries but here I have upaded some selected. He spent many years of his life in prison of british regime where he faced alot of torture. You can see some of his poetries are depicting how much pain and sufferings he faced by British regime. You can consider his poetries as his quotes/thoughts as well. Some poetry (shayari) from Bahadur Shah Zafar in Hindi are as follows with translation in English:

bahadur shah zafar poetry on heart

“My heart is not feeling good in derelict land. Who has ever felt satisfied in this futile world?”

poetry on heart by bahadur shah zafar

“Tell these desires to go and settle somewhere as there is no space remained in this tainted heart.”

emotional poetry by bahadur shah zafar in hindi

“O gardener, Please don’t remove thorns from group of followers, thorns too raise with followers in this world.”

heart touching poetry by bahadur shah zafar

“Nightingale rejoices by sitting on the branch of flowers. It has spreaded thorns in the garden of hearts of mine.”

sabr poetry by bahadur shah zafar

“The nightingale has no complain with sentinel nor with hunter, there was imprisonment in my fate during the time of harvest of spring.”

download sad poetry by bahadur shah zafar in hindi

English Translation: “How unlucky is Zafar who didn’t get even two yards land for his grave near his loved ones.”

I don’t declare that above poetry translation from Hindi to English is 100%. If You feel that there is any error then leave a comment in comment box with your suggestion/correction request so that I could correct. You also can mail me at the mentioned email address.

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