11+ Best Status Lines

Some best status are as follows:

“Don’t think bad about the people nor judge them by their appearances.”

best excellence status quotes

“Don’t just pretend of being the best but strive to do your best.”

“Think  good for everyone and never be jealous to anyone.”

one line best status quotes

“If things are not going on the right track then don’t worry but have patience and hope, know that everything will be fine at the end, if it is not fine then it is not end, please have patience and wait for the right time when everything will be fine.”

best status message on feelings

“keep doing what is best for you no matter what, Never feel disappointed nor guilty when you are doing good deeds.”

best feelings status quotes

“I feel a best feeling when someone is removed from my life who is good for nothing.”

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2 line best status quotes for helping without show off

“If your aim is to provide me sincere help me then you are most welcome but if your aim is just show off then I don’t need your help.”

“Don’t endure injustice and never let injustice to happen in your watch. Always strive to become a good person who does his best to help poor and needy people.”

“Focus on good to make it better, Focus on better to make it best.”

best status lines

“Keep doing best from your part and mover.”

“Always strive to be best in manners and characters.”

good status

“Strive to be a good person and become an asset for the people who don’t want to lose you.”

best status on life

“Do your best to help poor and needy people with what they want, you will get what you want.”

“Speak good and follow the truth, Do your best to make your rest of the life the best of the life.”

“If you want best in your life then don’t forget to do best in the life of others.”

best status on love and friendship

“Be positive and Keep doing best in your life, accept as best whatever happens in your life.”

“Sometimes your hardest times lead to you for the best time in your life.”

“Sometime we have to face hardships to grow and make our life best.”

“Some times we learn best lessons through hardships and pains in our life.”

“Don’t find perfection in this world, try your best to do the things professionally and forget the rest.”

“Don’t waste your time, do your best to help others and bring changes in their life.”

“Don’t predict the future but try your best to create it. You future totally depends on what you do in the time of present.”

“Surround yourself with the ones who do the best for you to make you a better person, not misguide you nor stress you.”

“I am not like robots which are programmed to work with perfection.”

“Live a life that is helpful for others too.”

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