11+ Broken Heart Status quotes for Whatsapp

Some broken heart status are as follows:

“Don’t break heart of anyone but try to fix a broken heart.”

“Help people to heal their broken heart.”

“Be gentle to others and don’t break heart of anyone.”

“Don’t be cause of brings the tears in the eaye of anyone nor breaking heart.”

“Don’t leave you loved ones with a broken heart but go to near them and try to mend a broken heart.”

“Don’t love more to a person that he deserves because they could break your heart and hurt you more than you deserve.”

“Sometime just an apology is not enough to fix broken hearts.”

“If you truly love some then stay loyal and don’t break their heart just because of any situation.”

“Never break a heart that is loyal, grateful and truly loves to you.”

“Sometimes a silence breaks a heart.”

Status on breaking and mending hearts

“If your heart feels broken, then forget everything and sleep soundly.”

status on broken heart sleeping
status on fixing a broken heart
sleeping with a broken heart status

“Never let a heart get broken just because of ego.”

“If someone breaks relationship with you then don’t feel broken, world is very big try to build another relationship.”

“Never break heart of anyone with fake love and fake promise.”

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