11+ Busy Status Quotes for WhatsApp

Some busy status are as follows:

busy status

“They are busy as well, I am busy as well. They are busy doing their homework but I have been busy missing them.”

“Every side we see people have been busy in and they are in very hurry.”

i am busy status images

“If you want success then keep yourself busy in accomplishing your goal.”

“No matter how busy you have been, if you really love a person who matters in your life then you will make time to meet them.”

busy status messages

“Don’t waste your time in spreading hate, Keep yourself busy in spreading love and peace.”

“Just because I have been busy and put you in que to meet me then this don’t mean I don’t love you.”

“I have been busy in doing small thing, I am not fond of great things.”

status on busy life

“It feels very good when a person is busy but He is so loyal that He says I am always ready for you, you just need to call me.”

“I admit you have been busy, but busy doing what?”

“When my mood is not good then no one cares me but when I am then people accompanying me.”

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