20+ Captions for Dp

Here are some caption texts for dp in English. You can use these captions for photos/images, instagram and for other social media dps (Display pictures).

“Don’t become hopeless due to continue failure, some times last key of bunch opens the lock.”

caption for dp photos and images

“Let difficulties know that you are more strong than difficulties.”

“Don’t complicate life but make it easy by following path of truth.”

“Spread awareness among the people of truth but expose falsehood.”

“Be a person of loving and caring but not hatemonger.”

“Keep in touch and improve the relationship with the people who break the tie.”

“Forgiving each other and embracing with peace makes everyone happy.”

“Always stand with the side of truth and reject falsehood.”

“don’t follow those who spread hate and lies.”

“Do good deeds to make your life successful in this dunya and hereafter.”

“Be simple, Focus straight to the point.”

“Be type of the person you want to be your children.”

“Don’t cry for your loss. Know that after hardship comes ease.”

“Face the situations with patience at the time of difficulties.”

“Sin is a kind of darkness. Remove this darkness by repentance and stopping the habit of committing of sins.”

“You can buy palace with money but not happiness. Remove this darkness by repentance and by following path of truth.”

“Have mercy on others and think good for others.”

“Keep smiling and don’t become angry. Anger will harm to none but you, so control your anger.”

“Smiling is an art, Learn how to smile and be happy even the time of hardship.”

“Time tells whether person is good or bad. so wait for the time.”

“Don’t cause harm nor respond with harm.”

“Don’t do bad to those who do bad to you but forgive them and show them right path.”

“An evil action doesn’t removes another evil but good action removes.”

“I truly appreciate everyone who likes my dp.”

“Don’t look at photo of the people but look at heart.”

“Even a condition of failure doesn’t makes you loser because you learn when you fail, Every try makes you winner or learner so don’t lose your hope.”