10+ Captions for Instagram

captions are a set of text that can be used bellow the images to share on social media like Instagram, WhatsApp to express the feelings and elaborate more with text.

Some captions for instagram are as follows, You can use for your pictures/images to share on Instagram:

“Learn know the differences between fiction and reality.”

“Don’t believe in what people say, but  believe in what they do.”

“Don’t be fooled by those who speak the sweet words but practice the evil.”

“I try my best that I don’t break the promise for positive things, and try my best to make a promise for negative things.”

“Practice is most important than preaching, Note that actions speak louder than words.”

“Try negative attitude and adopt positive.”

“Spread peace over hate, Violence in the name of Protecting honor is not justified.”

“Decrease negative attitude increase gratitude.”

“Be wise and speak good words, Words are no sword but words could cause deepest wounds.”

“Think before speaking, Words are no medicine, but words have ability to cure deepest wounds.”

“Know that good manners help you to beautify you.”

“Kids try to compete you, but their this act is a form of their innocence and cuteness.”

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