11+ Whatsapp Status Quotes on Children

Some status quotes on children are as follows:

“Don’t ruin life of your children by teaching them evil but try to make their life bright by teaching them love, peace, truth and wisdom.”

“If you are in a parenting life then, each day of your life you make deposits in the memory of your children, make sure that you fill memory of children with positive things and thoughts.”

“Don’t abandon your children just because of poverty.”

“Always love and kiss your children, They need your love but not scold.”

status quotes on children for WhatsApp

“Your children will follow your example more than your advice.”

“Don’t do any kind of violence against children and teens but try to help and protect them no matter of who they are.”

“Say no to child laborer and say yes to Child education.”

love for a child quotes and sayings

“Don’t abuse your children but love and care them. They are the ones who love you and follow you the most.”

“Smiles of the every children are pleasant and very pretty cute.”

“Help and protect every children , never let to be faded smile of any child.”

“I love my childhood friends, their happiness makes me happy.”

status quotes on children for whatsapp

“Strive to be a best example for your children.”

“Every child deserves a good life and future so try your best to make this happen.”

“Educate you children with the knowledge of truth and wisdom.”

“Be kind towards every child and their mothers.”

children status for whatsapp

“Make aware of everything to your children and guide them to do good deeds.”

“Defend rights of children, help them to make their life bright.”

“Spend your precious time with your children and strive to make them a good human being.”

“Teaching of parents to their children puts positive impacts on the children.”

“Spend much time with your children, raise them in positive environment and save them from the negative people.”

“Taking care of your children is one of the best jobs you could have.”

“Your guidance and time are more important for your children than money.”

“Know that you children lean most of things from you; you are an example for them.”

“Your children learn from your actions so take every action with wisdom and whats is best.”

“Try your best to make childhood of your children great and wonderful; be a loving and caring parents for them.”

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