21+ Cool Status for Whatsapp

Some cool status are as follows:

“I am very cool person, no one can provoke me.”

“Anger and jealousy both behaviors are harmful so always keep calm and remain cool.”

2 line cool status on life in english

“Whenever We give advice to someone then we need to give cool and sincere.”

cool status quotes

“Keep doing good deeds and wait for the results patiently and full of hope, Never stress yourself but always remain cool and hopeful.”

best cool status

“Waling in park early in the morning is pretty cool, I recommend visiting park.”

“I am not fond of to let down to anyone.”

cool status picture

“I am planning to visit an awesome model of park and cool artifacts. Park is a cool place to feel cool.”

2 line cool inspirational status for life for whatsapp and instagram

“Maintain your behaviour very cool and pleasant.”

“Remain positive always, never lose your cool even for a second.”

cool status message

“Keep your relation with your family and loved ones always cool and positive.”

cool status lines for whatsapp

“When you visit a park and spend there some time then your mind gets refreshed and it becomes a cool mind.”

“My mind becomes cool when I am roaming in any park with my friends.”

“Keep your mind cool and stable. Keep Spread peace and love in every situation no matter what.”

“You are pretty cool and kind person my dear friend.”

“It is so cool to meet family and friends.”

“Keep calm and do good deeds.”

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