21+ Quotes by Dalia Mogahed

Dalia Mogahed born on 1974, is an American American writer and scholar of Egyptian origin. She is the Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding in Washington, D.C

Dalia Mogahed was selected as an advisor by President Barack Obama in the White House Office.

Some quotes of her are as follows:

“Success is about being purified, not pampered.” – Dalia Mogahed

“Your success in life is based on the purification that you undergo of your heart in your life.” – Dalia Mogahed

“I believe that unity should be defined as a compassionate community, where we can disagree safely, and compassionately.” – Dalia Mogahed

“A compassionate community where we can disagree with compassion.” – Dalia Mogahed

“On how to engage Muslim youth: “Let’s talk to our young people about what they care about.” -Dalia Mogahed

“Allies support, invest and amplify your voice,” – Dalia Mogahed

“Never erase yourself to make someone comfortable. If they feel threatened by your wholeness, they are the one that needs to shed.” – Dalia Mogahed

“A good ally does not seek to replace your voice. They will pass the mic.” – Dalia Mogahed

“Put your conscience over conformity.” – Dalia Mogahed

“If throwing your community under the bus is how you rise to mainstream prominence, you’re doing it wrong.” – Dalia Mogahed

“All women win if we can truly support each other” – Dalia Mogahed

“It was the difference between what Arabs experienced and what they expected that provided the fuel to the Arab spring.” – Dalia Mogahed

“When you meet people who seems like an exception to the rule , oftentimes it’s the rule is broken..not they’re an exception” – Dalia Mogahed

“Your worth as a human being is sourced in the fact that you were created by dignity as a servant of God.” – Dalia Mogahed

“The responsibility of Khilafa applies to men & women equally.” – Dalia Mogahed

“A believer does not define themselves in opposition to something.” – Dalia Mogahed

“Let the injustice that you see around you, deepen your conviction in the day justice will be upheld.” – Dalia Mogahed

“I became famous overnight when working with Obama. It was a huge fitnah. I faced a lot of attacks and this was a blessing.” – Dalia Mogahed

“If we are fragmented within our own mosques, it’s very hard to collaborate across Islamic organizations.”- Dalia Mogahed

“It’s important to illustrate that the Arab public differentiates between the US, its people, & its foreign policy.”- Dalia Mogahed

“In US, actual terrorist attacks do less to sway opinion of Islam and violence than political rhetoric.” – Dalia Mogahed

“‘Sabr’ is perseverance as much as it is patience” – Dalia Mogahed

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