21+ Decent Status Quotes for whatsapp

Some decent status quotes are as follows:

“It costs you nothing to be a decent person.”

“My love, respect and admiration for you increases when I find you speaking the truth, and helping the poor and needy people. Stay decent and do good for everyone no matter what.”

“We should find, realize and fix our own mistakes rather than finding mistakes in others.”

“Put ego and excuses aside, Behave like a decent person and don’t show rudeness in the name urgency.”

decent person status for whatsapp

“A decent person follows truth but not the people and he works with wisdom.”

“Strive and make efforts for building a peaceful, compassionate and decent society.”

“Never hold any kind of the grudges in your heart but remember the facts.”

“No one should be free to spread lies and propaganda.”

short decent status for whatsapp

“I am not lazy but I take a rest when I feel tired.”

“We need not lose our hope and patience when we have nothing and we should not show ego nor negative attitude when we have everything in our life.”

“It is better to remain silent when you know that people are going to be very angry your words.”

“No matter how rude person is, always stay decent and behave them properly with good manners.”

“If you want to see decent people around you, then try to be one of the decent people.”

“Be like a hero but behave like a decent person.”

“You cannot be a hero if you don’t behave like decent human being, to become a hero you need to be a decent person first.”

“I don’t point fingers on others because I believe I should improve myself first.”

“A decent person gives you respect and relief always when you give respect to them.”

“If you want to see world a decent place to live then first try to be a decent person.”

“We meet such people in our life too who do not make any promise but go after playing a lot.”

“If our intention is good and we think good then our day will be good.”

“Provide the necessary help and support needed to poor and oppressed people.”

“If we want to grow then we should keep yourself ready to face any kind of hardship.”

“Never feel disappointed, always remain grateful and happy for whatever you have gotten.”

“Never feel uneasy nor be jealous to with the growing and success of your brothers.”

“Some of us waiting for the money to come to start something but they forget that to gain money one has to start something.”

“Provide a shelter to the homeless and refugees people and help them with whatever they need.”

“Help poor people with training and skills development and guide them towards the path of the truth.”

“Avoid evil talks and focus on the things that matters.”

“Never do any kind of cheating with a person who trust you because once a person does cheating then it becomes hard to friendship to go at the level back exactly how it was.”

“Your reaction and attempts should be decent and full of wisdom.”

“Always use decent and appropriate clothes.”

“Never indulge in backbiting nor have ego, be punctual, pray regularly, speak the truth, work sincerely and help the poor and needy people, this will make your life awesome.”

“Keep your heart pure and stay firm with the side truth and people of positive thoughts.”

“Be a decent person and stay humble and supportive, never be involved in any kind of hate crime nor support the racists.”

“Always take a mature decision with wisdom and hate to none but love and help to everyone.”

“Strive to be a mature, compassionate and sincere, thoughtful person who loves to help poor and needy people.”

“Always have courage to face the reality and the truth.”

“I neither be concerned to be liked nor an attention seeker.”

“I am comfortable with who I am I, I don’t behave like two-faced-person, I am proud to be myself.”

“I strive to practice whatever I preach to the people.”

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