11+ Dp Quotes

Some dp quotes are as follows:

“We should learn to bear to others because we also have many such weaknesses which others bear without objecting.”

“Don’t react with emotion but react with wisdom and patience.”

“Know that, no one can play your role better than you.”

“Sometimes silence are not without reasons, some pains take away the voice.”

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“Just having knowledge doesn’t makes you good but practicing it makes.”

time dp quotes

“Never overlook the value of time, Keep doing positive things results will come but with the time. “

patience dp quotes

“Neither makeup nor clothes bring beauty for you but positive attitude and being yourself bring beauty for you.”

“Don’t start debate with with an ignorant fool.”

“Situation forces a person to leave home; no one wants to leave his/her home nor native place.”

“If you want keep your honor and respect safe then speak good or remain silent.”

“Patience brings a way to be out from sufferings and hardship.”

“Most of us remain honest as long as our dishonesty is not exposed. The day of today it is very hard to find a person who is without sins, difference is that since are some are exposed while of others are covered.”

“If you want respect from the people, then be honest with your intention.”

“Don’t give pain to those who are loyal to you, and considers you a good person.”

“If you want to reach at the peak of success then you should be ready to face the difficulties.”

“Learn to bear good and bad times.”

“Your body has right over you. Don’t consume the things that harm your body, know that Prevention is better than cure.”

“To bear is the power of self. We should Learn how to bear for each other.”

“Don’t stigmatize humanity with your ruthless acts.”

“Be friendly, kind, grateful, loving, caring and well mannered. We are supposed to to spread peace, love and truth in every circumstances no matter what.”

“Learn to tolerate at every situation.”

“Don’t do such acts that shames humanity.”

“To protect humanity is the responsibility of human.”

“It becomes necessary to to pull back when your own people are fighting aganits you.”

“Kids see no race, no color, no caste, and no creed.”

“Keep do something positive that people become in race to copy deeds and to become like you.”

“Too much criticism is a form of hate.”

“Build relationship with those who have ability to continue.”

“Don’t spread information before verifying.”

“Everyone gets chance to build own life.”

“Smile brings peace inside you.”

“Make happy to others, this will bring peace and happiness inside you.”

“Don’t stop trying no matter how many times you fail.”

“Don’t run away if someone is seeking your help. go ahead and provide with the hep whatever you can.”

“You cannot get success automatically, You have to make efforts for it.”

“Character of every person is hidden behind their tongue, If you want to understand them let them speak.”

“Knowledge becomes a power when you use it with wisdom.”

“I appreciate those who left me during hardship, and left me handle solutions alone. This made me strong.”

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