11+ Status Quotes for Dp

Some dp status are as follows:

“Don’t force anyone to follow your ideology.”

“I get liked a lot by the people but at the time when they need to me.”

dp status quotes

“Do good acts to help the people but show off, Hide your good deeds in the same ways as you hide you misdeeds and sins.”

smart work status

“Smart work is more important than hard work , Give value to smart work over hard work.”

feeling status for whatsapp dp

“The person is appreciated only at the time when the need arises, Know the diamonds also remain safe inside box when there is no need.”

“Do good deeds and deal with others with mercy, peace, compassion, patience and forgiveness.”

“Silence becomes a perfect reply when someone gives no value on your views.”

“Don’t believe so quick in everything what you hear, know that lies and fake news travel very fast.”

“A beautiful heart is more important than a beautiful face.”

“I don’t have habit of backbiting; I speak less but speak in front.”

“Ego, anger and greed are the things that destroy worth of a person.”

“Try to recognize sorrow behind smile, Love behind anger, and reason behind silence.”

“To earn first you need to learn.”

“Don’t trust anyone blindly; know that salt and sugar have same color.”

“If you want make millions of dollars, then you should not make millions of excuse.”

“Doing arguments is not a way of communication, but arguments create a battlefield where ego and pride go at war.”

“Be wise, Control your anger and don’t lose your temper.”

“Don’t be in hurry to condemn a person, verify the news first.”

“I have no right to judge other ones or point fingers on them as long as, I myself follow the path imperfection.”

“Justice should be done with everyone regardless race or faith.”

“Don’t force anyone to be friend of you nor make time for you.”

“Take care of your inner peace, and don’t speak the evil nor do evil.”

“Be among the peace makers but not trouble makers.”

“Speak the truth with wisdom and the way what is best.”

“If you want bring peace in the society then work your best to bring justice in the society.”

“It gives a lot of pain when we trust someone blindly but finally he betrays.”

“If you cannot do justice then you cannot bring peace in the society.”

“You will not get destination if you do full stop in the way. “

“Distance is never removed by running away.”

“Everything will come at right track with the time, so keep having patience.”

“No matter how pretty face is yours, if your brain is negative then you are worthless.”

“Make friendship with those who are respectful but not rich.”

“Do your job with honest and full potential but don’t forget to give time to your family.”

“Be humble and break heart of none but try to heal the broken hearts.”

“Being educated person doesn’t mean you are always right.”

“Accept your faults and don’t do argument when you are wrong.”

“If people consider your goodness as weakness then this is their fault but not of yours, You are just like mirror, so be remain just like mirror, Those should worry who have bad intentions but not you.”

“Don’t cheat with those who give you a chance.”

“If you have patience then Hardship and sufferings guide you and give a perfect experience.”

“Touch of missing someone is so strange that despite of being a person on distance becomes so closer.”

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