11+ Dream Status in English

Some dream status are as follows:

“Follow your dream and passion but never deny the truth.”

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“Go to the direction with confidence of your dreams but directions should be positive.”

“Always follow your dreams and goals but not the people.”

sweet dreams status

“Hope is a kind of dream.”

“Big dreams start from a small beginning, you just need to set a goal and keep moving on at positive and right path.”

“If you have big dream then you need to work hard with passion and perfection.”

“Just dreaming is not enough, you need to set a goal and strive to achieve the goal.”

“Try to be a person who sets goal and tries to fulfill the dreams of not own but of others as well.”

“If you know to dream then you should also know how to make dreams to come true.”

“You need to set a goal to achieve your dream no matter whether it is small of big.”

“Try to achieve your dreams, stay strong and never give up.”

“No person can break your dreams as long as you don’t allow them.”

“My dream is to be a righteous person with a pure heart.”

“You need to dream for the things to achieve it.”

“Dream but dream for positive things.”

“If you want that your dream come true then you need to work hard with dedication otherwise your age will be passed but dream will be remained incomplete.”

“Try to build courage and strength in you to follow your dreams.”

“Dream to do great jobs but not just to be famous.”

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