40+ Islamic Dua sms Message in English

Dua is a great weapon for believers to seek peace, mercy and blessings of Allah. Never underestimate the power of Dua. Allah responds dua of sincere hearts. If we believers remember Allah then Allah will remember us. We have many ways to remember Allah, Dua is one of them. Here I am providing some dua sms message. You can read and share with your family, friends and loved ones. When your arms cannot reach to help your loved ones then note that you have dua for them, Dua is the weapon for the believers. Pray to Allah for your loved ones.

Some Dua sms message are as follows:

dua sms in english

“Believers put trust in Allah When ever they feel problem they seek help from Allah by making dua regardless of dunya.”

“O Allah, I ask you for your love, mercy and blessings. Ya Allah, guide me to do the good deeds and save me from wrong doing.”

dua sms messages

“May Allah Guide us all believers and keep us all steadfast in the deen (Islam).”

“May Allah have mercy on us and save us from all kinds of pride, hypocrisy, show off and arrogance and make our hearts clean and guide us to the path of truth.”

“May Allah save us from haram and sinful acts.”

islamic dua sms

“May Allah have mercy on us and protect us from any pain and suffering.”

“May Allah forgive our sins that we know; and the sins that we don’t know.”

“May Allah save us from the habit of committing sins and guide us to right path.”

“If you really want something then make dua for it with sincere heart and rely on Allah.”

“May Allah keep us believers firm and steadfast upon the path of truth and may he guide us with his guidance.”

“May Allah save us from any distress, grief, hardship, harm, and make our trials easy.”

“May Allah guide us, and help us in all the situations.”

“May Allah increase our Islamic knowledge and guide us to the path of truth.”

“May Allah help us to be grateful, and forgive us if we are ever ungrateful.”

“May Allah heal those believers who are sick and in pain and guide the Muslim Ummah to the path of truth.”

“How can one hope for an answer to his/her dua, when He/she has blocked its way with sins and yet not repenting to be sincere?”

“It is never too late to repent and seeking forgiveness from Allah. May Allah forgive our sins and May Allah cleanse our hearts.”

“May Allah bless us with paradise and protection from the fire.”

“May Allah always protect Muslim ummah and Islam.”

“We seek refuge with Allah from the punishment of graves. May Allah forgive our sins and save us from grave punishment and offer a place in Jannah.”

“May Allah make our hearts pure and soft.”

“May Allah grant us a peaceful death and may He allow us to enter in Jannah.”

“May Allah grant us strength to face all the troubles and sufferings in this dunya.”

“May Allah ease our difficulties and guide us to true teaching of Islam and May Allah make us follower of Quran and Sunnah.”

“May Allah make us stronger to handle every the situations.”

“May Allah make us grateful and save us from hypocrisy, pride, ego and show off.”

“May Allah guide us with his guidance and grant us sabr (patience), piety, good manners and make us obedient servant of him (Allah).”

“May Allah have mercy on us and give us good ending.”

“May Allah grant us Ultimate Success in this dunya and hereafter. May Allah offer us safety from the Hell-Fire and offer a place into Jannatul Firdous.”

“May Allah lift us up whenever are are down and guide us on straight path.”

“May Allah put righteous people around us ank keep us away from wrong doers.”

“Life is too short so pray daily on time, make dua and be righteous.”

“May Allah let us live whole life as Muslims and let us die as a Muslim.”

“May Allah fill our hearts with imaan, our eyes with imaan, our ears with imaan and make us to follow the path of imaan.”

“May Allah forgive our past and future sins whatever we have done in secret and in public and May Allah guide us to the path of truth.”

“May Allah keep blessing us and make our life easier and guide us to the path of truth.”

“May Allah make us among those who remain grateful, and follow the path of righteousness and truth.”

“May Allah, let our every step lead us ultimately closer to him and strengthen our imaan.”

“No matter how much sins you have committed, Note that your sins are not greater than mercy of Allah so never stop making dua and seeking forgiveness from Allah.”

“May Allah have mercy on my parent and forgive their sins, as they looked after me when I was growing and too young.”

“Most unlucky ones are those who don’t make dua to seek forgiveness from Allah.”

“May Allah Grant me a blessed death. May Allah Let me recite the shahada before I die and Grant me the intercession of Prophet Mohammed(Peace be upon him) at the day of judgement.”

“Make dua and seek forgiveness from Allah before you sleep.”

“May Allah forgive my sins, offer me Jannatul Firdous and grant me the companionship of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon him), his family (May Allah be pleased with them all) and the Sahaba’s, (May Allah be pleased with them all) in Jannatul Firdous.”

Don’t do misery in making dua, Remember Muslim ummah in your dua.”

“May Allah guide to our non-Muslim friends to Islam.”

“May Allah’s guidance be upon Muslim Youth and whole Muslim Ummah. Save us all from shirk and biddah.”

“Don’t curse the ones who hurt you but have sabr and make dua for them that May Allah guide them to straight path.”

“May Allah reunite me in Jannatul Firdous with those whom I love for the sake sake of Allah.”

“May Allah help us and fulfill all our daily Needs, May He respond our all dua with acceptance, and remove our hardships and difficulties.” Aameen!

“Allah is most merciful and forgiving. May Allah accept our dua and forgive our past & future sins, whatever we have done in secret and in public.” Aameen

“May Allah guide us to Worship him in perfect way.”

“May Allah grant us the strength to battle laziness and help us to wake up for Tahajjud and Fajr daily.”

“Remember your parents and grand-parents in every dua after salat and seek forgiveness from Allah for them as well.”

“May Allah save us from shirk and biddah and guide us to path of truth.”

“May Allah accept all our good deeds, Forgive ours sins, help us to be sincere and obedient in following his commands when we are alone and in public as well.”

“Dua is most powerful weapon for believers. So obey Allah and use this weapon for your success in this life and hereafter.”

“Worry will not change your situation but yes dua can change so make dua and stop worrying.”

“May Allah accept our good deeds and increase us in his reward and his Mercy. May Allah have mercy on us and Wipe away our sins and pardon us completely.”

“May Allah ease suffering of Muslim ummah and guide us to right path.”

“May Allah grant us, our parents and our family with his guidance. May Allah grant us steadfastness and strenthen our Imaan.”

“May Allah have mercy on us and bring us out from the depth of darkness into light.”

“May Allah makes us of the ones whom he loves, whom he Pardons and He offer shade on a Day when there is no shade but the shade of Allah.”

“Improve your imaan by making dua and seeking forgiveness from Allah.”

“May Allah increase us in trust and Tawakkul in Allah. May Allah Let us there be no doubt in our belief in Oneness of Allah.”

“Wipe out your sins by Making dua and giving charity.”

“May Allah increase us in our love for him (Allah) and for Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him).

“May Allah guide Muslim ummah and bless us halal income.”

“May Allah forgive US and increase us in his Blessings and Provisions.”

“May Allah, guide us with his guidance, give us sabr and may he let us die as Muslim.”

“May Allah lead us to more opportunities to do more good deeds and for seeking his blessings.”

“May Allah have mercy on us and May he let our death reach us only when he has forgiven us and he is pleased with us.”

“May Allah purify our intentions, guide us to right path and let us not show off or take false pride. May Allah Save us from pride, showing off, shirk, biddah and reminding of favors.”

“May Allah, remove all the arrogance from our heart, and guide us to be humble and make us obedient servant of him.”

“May Allah forgive our sins and give us sabr and grant us success in this dunya and hereafter.”

“May Allah makes us of those who are patient and obedient to him (Allah) and our parents.”

“May we be amongst those who will be forgiven with the mercy of Allah and will be awarded a place in jannah.”

“May Allah Save us from the Fitnah and guide us to right path.”

“May Allah provide justice to all the ones who are facing injustice and May He (Allah) grant their families patience (sabr).”

“May Allah forgive the Muslims who have passed away and guide the Muslims who are still alive.”

“May Allah have mercy on us and Save us from the punishment of the graves and the save us from the punishment of the Hell Fire.”

“May Allah grant us with his guidance, peace and protection in the time of trouble and always.”

“May Allah increase us in Sadaqah Jariyah works.”

“May Allah save us from speaking the words that are unjust, wrong, sinful or harmful.”

“May Allah increase and strengthen our imaan and make us firm believers.”

“May Allah bless us with good health so that we can make pray with ease till our death.”

May Allah accept our good deeds, and bless us with his guidance and forgiveness. May Allah give us the ability to do good deeds and help us to keep continue good deeds.”

“May Allah save us from all types of Evils. Safeguard us from incitements and plots of evil doers.

“May Allah protect us and the whole Muslim Ummah from the oppressors. Save us from Fitnah and ease in our trials.”

“May Allah advance us in the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah and guide us to right path.”

“May Allah give us opportunity to perform hajj.”

“O Allah, You are one who knows my needs best even more than me so bless me with the things that are beneficial for me and I am in need.”

“May Allah help us in strengthening our imaan and guide us to straight path.”

“May Allah increase us in gratitude towards him (Allah) and makes an obedient servant of him.”

“May Allah help us to do everything under his order and his guidance and make us an obedient servant of him.”

“May Allah save us from hypocrisy and guide us to right path.”

“May Allah respond our dua and forgive Muslim Ummah, May Allah make trials of every believers easy on them, and May Allah unite us in Jannah.”

“Allah is most merciful and forgiving. He even answers our duas despite of our sins.”

“Allah is one who is most merciful and forging. May Allah show mercy upon us and forgive ours sins.”

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