12+ Motivational entrepreneur Quotes

Some entrepreneur quotes are as follows:

“Don’t just dream to be an entrepreneur, start working to be an entrepreneur.”

“If you want to become a successful entrepreneur then be doer or the things but not dreamer of the things.”

quotes on entrepreneur by Peter Drucker

“An entrepreneur is always looking for change and uniqueness.”

entrepreneur quotes on employees by Steve Jobs

“Entrepreneurs always hires such people who tell them what to do and how to do.”

true entrepreneur quotes by Nolan Bushnell

“An entrepreneur focuses on getting done rather than just dreaming.”

entrepreneur quotes on hobby

“An entrepreneur is always striving to get things done as soon as possible with positive outcome.”

entrepreneur perseverance quotes by Steve Jobs
entrepreneur quotes on risk by Robert Kiyosaki

“An entrepreneur sees reward in every risk.”

entrepreneur quotes about learning by Daymond John

“An entrepreneur is knowledge seeker and he/She never stops learning and researching about the things.”

entrepreneur quotes on success by Chanda Kochhar

“An entrepreneur puts ego aside and he/she is always willing to gain help for his/her business growth and success.”

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