20+ Quotes on Keep Having Faith in Allah

Allah has given us life to test us so we should never lose hope but we should keep obeying Allah by having strong faith in Allah. If we obey Allah then Allah will grant us success.

Some reminder quotes on ‘Have faith in Allah.” Are as follows:

“A man will never fear something besides Allah unless it be due to a disease in his heart” – Ibn Taymiyyah

“Build your character with the help of true faith in religion and Allah.” – Hazrat Ali (R.A)

“Pray Allah and keep your faith firm in Allah.”

“The more you have faith in Allah, the more peace and happiness comes in you.”

“Think positive and have faith in Allah.”

“O Allah guide us with you guidance and make our faith in you strong.”

“If you have strong faith in Allah then you can face and overcome any problem in your life.”

“If you Have faith and trust in Allah then you are towards success.”

“If you have strong faith in Allah then he will help you and will respond your prayers.”

“Keep faith in Allah always, Allah will help you and guide you always.”

“True richness is the richness of Imaan.You are not a loser until you lose your faith in Allah.”

“Allah will make everything good for you at the right time, right place for the best and right reason so always obey Allah and have faith in Allah.”

“Keep your faith in Allah strong and always believe in Allah.”

“If you lose faith in Allah then you lose everything so keep your faith strong in Allah and believe in Allah.”

“Never lose hope nor be sad. Keep strong faith in Allah. Allah will grant you success.”

“This life of dunya(world) is a test. So keep having strong faith in Allah no matter what sort of hardship, problems or issues you have been facing.”

“Allah tests us believers, with success and sufferings, so never lose hope, keep having faith in Allah. After every hardship ease comes.”

“Never lose faith in Allah and be obedient servant of Allah.”

“Be righteous and have strong faith in Allah.”

“Keep having faith in Allah and don’t deny the truth.”

“Keep having faith in Allah. Allah is one of the best planers. If Allah is with you then no one can harm to you.”

“If you have strong faith in Allah then surely you will find peace. Because worry ends where faith begins.”

“Allah wants us to have faith in him.”

“Improve your imaan each and every day. Strengthen your faith in Allah.”

“If your faith in Allah is strong then no one can misguide you.”

“Allah tests the ones whom he loves so don’t lose hope no matter how hard hardship you are facing. Keep having strong faith in Allah, you will get success in this dunya and hereafter.”

“Having faith in Allah doesn’t mean that you will not face any storm or problem but it means that no storm can sink your boat. So always keep having strong faith in Allah”

“May Allah bless us with strong faith and trust in him in all situations and guide us with his guidance.”

“Keep having strong faith in Allah strengthens our imaan so always have strong faith in Allah.”

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