11+ Feeling Status Quotes for Whatsapp

Some feeling status with images are as follows:

“If you feel drowsy then sleep until you feel refreshed.”

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“You can make a fake smile but you can never make fake feelings.”

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“Sometimes feeling the feelings is scary.”

“You need to understand what people around you are feeling actually.”

“Never feel depressed to see growth of your rivals.”

“Seeing everyone in the family brought the best feeling ever.”

“Being happy brings best feeling ever.”

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“If you are feeling down then go and sleep and think positive.”

“When I let go the things that I don’t deserve, I feel happy and the best feeling ever.”

“Anxiety destroys a person; I don’t wish such feelings upon anyone, I wish feeling of everyone is positive.”

“Don’t get trapped with negative feelings, you will get tired.”

“Never acquire such feelings that put you down.”

“When someone whom I loved too much ignores me then I feel worst feelings.”

“Don’t grieve nor feel sad.”

“I am missing the feelings that once I had in my life.”

“If you wake up early in the morning on regular basis only then you will know how good it feels to wake up in the morning.”

“Be happy and don’t grieve the amount of sadness you are feeling is not good for you.”

“Being alone for a long time, brings worst feelings ever.”

“Never feel rejection, wait for another opportunity.”

“Recognize your ability and power, respect yourself how you are and never feel emptiness in yourself.”

“Always feel happy and never depressed.”

“Never feel broken from inside, after hardship comes ease.”

“It brings good feelings when there is a mutual respect and a person who wants you as much as you want them.”

“The best feeling is ever when someone whom you show respect, you get more respect from them.”

“People around me love my growth; there is no better feeling than this.”

“I am feeling a feeling that kind of feeling never felt before.”

“Keep doing good work and never feel unappreciated.”

“Always feel like I am learning something.”

“Feel confident and learn from failure.”

“Self-motivation brings best feelings ever.”

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“I feel worst feeling ever is that when I did best I could but yet they don’t trust me and was not good enough for them.”

“I don’t like the negative feelings that put me in trouble.”

“Lean how to smile from outside even if you are not feeling good from inside.”

“The best feelings ever are to help poor and needy people.”

“The worst feeling ever is when you realize that you used your all potential to letting someone down and you did nothing to keep yourself up.”

“Always give people positive feelings.”

“The best feeling ever is getting respected by someone you offered respect.”

“It is humble feeling when elderly people pray for you and wish good for you.”

“Never feel anti to the people who are doing good job for humanity.”

“Feel calmness but not scary.”

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