11+ Forgiveness Status Quotes for WhatsApp

Some forgiveness status quotes are as follows:

“Never let any kind of grudge grow inside you as it is dangerous for peace inside you; forgive and forget no matter what.”

“If you forgive people then your soul will relax and your heart will be tranquil.”

“When you forgive someone then you heal your heart. So forgive others and avoid holding any kind of grudges and stay blessed.”

“If you really love someone then you are supposed to forgive him/her.”

“Forgive everyone because forgiveness doesn’t erase memory but it neutralizes negative impact of grudges and brings peace in you. So forgive everyone and stay blessed with peace.”

forgiveness status

“If you want inner peace then forgive everyone who have wronged you and pray for them.”

“Forgiveness removes stress and depression and provides you relied and peace.”

“Choose path of peace and forgiveness but not revenge and help others in making peace and settlement.”

forgive and sorry status

“You cannot remove a hate with another hate but you can remove it with peace, forgiveness, positive talks and with wisdom.”

“Make forgiveness a habit in your daily life and be quick in forgiving the faults of others.”

asking for forgiveness status sayings

“Forgives is a symbol of greatness and wisdom.”

“Just forgiving is not enough but you need to forget as well after forgiving because you deserve peace.”

asking and begging for forgiveness status

“Repent often for wrong done by you and forgive others who has done wrong to you.”

forgiveness quotes for whatsapp status

“Bring peace in your life with forgiveness,  gratefulness, calmness and helping poor and needy people.”

“Forgive to even those who hurt you deeply and given you a lot of pain.”

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