21+ Friendship Status Quotes for WhatsApp

“Friendship is not something that you have know a person longest but it is all about that who walked into your life and comes to help you at the time of need.”

“No matter how many times your close friends become angry with you, You are supposed to convince them because they know your all secrets.”

“When backbiting appears then friendship among the people disappears.”

“If you have good friends in your life who guide you to the path of truth and wisdom, then it is one of the greatest blessings for you.”

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“First understand a person after that make him friend, and don’t break friendship just because of misunderstanding.”

“Don’t expect perfection from your friends, But help and guide them to make them perfect.”

“Never let down your true friends who are loyal to you.”

“If you continuously keep ignoring your close friends then this sends a message that you want them to live without you.”

“Being without friends is better than having friends with evil.”

friendship status

“Strengthen your friendship with a friend who guides you to the path of truth and reminds you about your faults.”

“In friendship we are supposed to help each other at the time of needy and guide to the path of truth.”

“Try to be friend of those who will guide you and correct you if you did something wrong, not a person who will misguide you or leave you just for a smile mistake.”

“Start building friendship with good people and keep your self away from evil.”

“Good Friends make our life amazing and full of happiness.”

“Before making friendship with a person, you should about the person.”

“Be friend of those who like you, but not of those whom you like.”

“If your friend is on the path of truth then face challenges of each other collectively, just like family.”

“Improve your friendship with good people and keep in touch with them.”

“No matter how many obstacles are on the path, in true friendship people help each other if acts are positive.”

“To become a good friend you need to become loyal and honest.”

“Don’t break friendship just because person is poor.”

“A best friend is one who guides you how to love and help yourself at the time when you have forgotten loving and caring yourself.”

“A true friend will never leave you and will help you in every situation.”

“I like making friends but with those who are honest and supporter of the truth.”

“Don’t let anyone to harm your friendship with anybody.”

“If friendship is true, then it will not get broken just because of situation is changed.”

“A true friendship teaches us to support each other but not become selfish.”

“It is easy to make friendship but tough to carry.”

“True friendship keeps still closer even two friends walk on different directions.”

“A friendship should not be beautiful but should be one who is loyal and respective.”

“Time tells who is your true friend.”

“Don’t do gossip and nor create rifts between friends.”

“Don’t break heart of your any friend nor anyone, if any of your friends have broken your heart then forgive and forget and don’t seek revenge.”

“True friends are those who guide you to the path of truth.”

“You should try to understand the tears of your friend bot not just see smile.”

“Don’t build friendship with enemies of your friends.”

“Make friendship with hones and good people and don’t be hostile with your friends.”

“When you make friendship then know that your friend is going to have right over you.”

“Don’t seek opportunity in friendship, friendship bears responsibility.”

“A true friends guide to the right path and encourages you with hopes.”

“Be the one who brings happiness for friends but not trouble.”

“Those who are your friends they defend you in your absence if you are right.”

“To retain friendship, be kind, tolerant, compassionate, and have smile for your friends, speak kind words and truth, and keep yourself away from bad company.”

“Real friends stay faithful, they don’t have time to point fingers on each other nor backbite against each other, because they are too busy in looking for new ways to strengthen their friendship.”

“Don’t backbite against two friends nor be the one who create rift. But be cone who makes settlement.”

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