19+ Good Quality Status Quotes for WhatsApp

Here is a some good quality status for WhatsApp

“Love and respect all but trust only those who are trustworthy and good in behavior.”

“Make sincere efforts to do everything good enough whatever you do in your life.”

“Accepting uniqueness and being yourself is a good thing. Stay grateful, don’t compare your life with other ones but be proud of being yourself.”

very good status quotes about life

“If you speak truth and with wisdom then you have not to worry about what you say.”

“The greatest motivation to become a good person is knowing that your parents want you to become a good person.”

“Everyone sometimes goes through hardship and pains in their life but after hardship comes ease. Keep enduring hardship with patience and be good in hiding your pains and sufferings.”

“Keep doing good deeds no matter how little it is, every good deed will bring good for you.”

good deed status quotes

“Never run away from doing good deeds and helping poor and needy people.”

“Know that your good behavior with people makes you a good person, so always behave people as a decent person.”

“Your parents are the ones who always want you to do good deeds and become better person.”

“Continue to strive your best to be good for something and everything.”

“Do good deeds and become a nice person; goodness is always useful and never wasted.”

2 line good motivational status

“We grow when we strive and face challenge but not sit idle.”

“Take blessings of everyone but curse of no one.”

“become a grateful and good person, love them the same way they love you.”

“Know that a wrong cannot correct another wrong; so peace is always better than revenge.”

good person status quotes for whatsapp

“If you are really a good person then you don’t need convince people to tell them that you are a good person, your deeds reveal everything.”

“Strive and convince your mind to do positive and good things and stay away from negativity.”

“Success takes time and doesn’t happen in overnight. So keep your eye the goal and don’t look back nor lose hope.”

“Do not leave those who leave others for you, keep having and caring them”

good positive status quotes for whatsapp

“We should have no interference in the affairs of others.”

“Keep helping people without expecting any return from them and never do show off your good deeds.”

“I am very good in hiding my feelings and frustrations.”

“I strongly believe it is better to live alone, rather than being with bad people with negative thoughts and minds.”

“If you are not able to reach me then how you can bring me down?”

good status on patience

“Don’t worry, Nothing is permanent in this world, even hardships and sufferings take end but with the time. So leave worries and move on with hope and patience, Things will be changed with the time.”

“Don’t worry if hardship comes ever in your life, Sometimes a bad time come in your life to help you to keep you away from bad people for your goodness.”

very good status quotes for whatsapp in english

“Be a good person and treat with everyone with love and affection.”

“It doesn’t matter how bad you had been in past, what matter is that how good you have been in present, So forget the past and strive to be a good person from now.”

“Goodness brings nothing but good, so do good to others, good will come to you.”

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