11+ Happiness Status Quotes for WhatsApp

Some happiness status quotes are as follows:

“Behave the people in the way that your behaviour gives happiness to them.”

“Happiness cannot be bought, earned, owned, transferred or consumed.”

“Never give up but keep moving on, know that happiness just around the corner and it comes to you when you have patience in you.”

happiness status
feeling happiness status

“You are supposed to take responsibility of your own happiness and never give its key in the hands of others.”

“Sometimes a person becomes your sources of happens, when a person walks out from your life then happiness walks out.”

“I would always strive for your well being and happiness.”

finding happiness status

“true friendship is a source of happiness.”

“In you happiness is my happiness.”

“Happiness plays important role in achieving success in life if this world.”

“you need to build ability to make happy to others, this will bring happiness in you too.”

“I wish happiness in your life for Today, Tomorrow and for always.”

“The style of happiness is mostly same regardless of time.”

“We know how rare happiness is when it is gone from us.”

“We should know that happiness comes from our positive actions and it is never ready made.”

“When happiness of someone else’s becomes happiness of yours then it is not just happiness but it is a love.”

“Never destroy happiness of anyone.”

“Happiness is a choice, Never find happiness in money, money can provide you luxury life and opportunity but not happiness.”

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