5+ Happy Status quotes for Whatsapp

“If you get an opportunity to make happy to someone then don’t abandon it, Know that your life is best for you.”

“Do what makes you happy but it should be positive and gives pain to none.”

short 1 line happy status quotes

“If you want to be happy then accept your life as it is, complain nothing, and be thankful for everything.”

happiness status

“Keep your heart pure, it will bring peace inside you, inner peace is a source of happiness.”

“Be source of happiness but not source of trouble.”

“If you want peace and happiness in your life then don’t interfere with what doesn’t concern you.”

“I feel happy and honored to be supporter of truth.”

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“Sometimes just one joy brings happiness in the people and removes their sorrow and griefs.”

“Spread feelings of joy and happiness to the people of the world, this will bring a feeling of great pleasure and happiness in you.”

“Ego removes happiness.”

“Inner peace is ultimate source of happiness.”

“If you want to remain happy then don’t be concerned about the onions of others.”

“First you need to be happy with yourself before you be happy with someone else.”

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