Fatima al Zahra Quotes and Sayings

Hazrat Fatima ((Radi-Allahu anha) was beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) and wife of Hazrat Ali (RA). Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) once said Fatima (RA) is head of Muslim women in Jannah. Hazrat Ali (RA) said: “Every time I look at Fatima, My Worries and sadness would disappear.”

She is also knows as Fatima al zahra or Bibi Fatima, (Here Bibi means Lady).

Some quotes/sayings of Hazrat Fatima (May Allah be Pleased with her) are as bellow:

“The best woman is the one who doesnot look at non-mehram men nor she allow to look at her.” – Hazrat Fatima

“Person doesn’t go to hell just because he has sinned but He goes to hell because he remains satisfied by his acts of sinning and doesn’t repents.” – Hazrat Fatima

bibi fatima quotes on shyness

“Shyness is a best Jewellery for women.”

hazrat fatima sayings

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hazrat fatima zahra quotes