4+ Hazrat Hassan Quotes

Hazrat Imam Hassan (Radi-Allahu anhu) was the eldest son of Fatima (Radi-Allahu anha) and Hazrat Ali (Radi-Allahu anhu). His full name is Hasan ibn Ali,  (RA).

Some quotes of him are as follows:

imam hassan quotes on behavior

“Behave people in the same way you want get behaved.”

hazrat imam hassan quotes in english

“Killing of an innocent person is like killing of whole mankind.”

“The one who has no courage has no success.” – Hazrat Imam Hassan (Radi-Allahu anhu)

“You age is continuously decreasing, help the needy people with whatever you have.” – Hazrat Imam Hassan (Radi-Allahu anhu)

“When it comes doing good deeds then do good deeds without show-off and donot express it as favors.” – Hazrat Imam Hassan (Radi-Allahu anhu)

“Help the needy people.” – Hazrat Imam Hassan (Radi-Allahu anhu)

“If own ones donot help then other ones come to help.” – Hazrat Imam Hassan (Radi-Allahu anhu)

“The person lives a great life who doesn’t rely for his needs upon other ones.” – Hazrat Imam Hassan (Radi-Allahu anhu)

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