31+ Quotes about Hijab

In hijab Muslim women cover their head with scarf specially hair. For Muslim women the hijab is not a fashion but it represents protection for her, piety, modesty & devotion to Alah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. Muslim women use hijab to follow command of Allah regardless the world.

Today I am publishing some beautiful hijab quotes for hijabi women who feal proud to be hijabi. Some quotes are with images/pictures so you can share such images with quotes on social media status of your profile and also you can use such images as wallpaper. Please read all quotes and don’t forget to inform me if you find any problem in any quote like typing error or any other type of error occurred from end in the collected quotes so that I could correct the error occurred from my end. If you you think  mentioned hijab quotes interesting and inspirational then don’t forget to share on status of social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, tumblr, Instagram and on the status of available other social media sites.

“May Allah honor and protect all the Muslim women who are using the hijab despite facing all the type of social & political pressure.”

“If someone is criticizing your hijab or Islamic dress code then know that you are using to please to Allah but not the world.”

“May Allah’s shade be on the day when there is no shade but shade of Allah upon all the muslim women who use niqab/abaya/hijab even in the season of the heat.”

“Lowering the gaze saves us from committing the sins.”

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“The veil covers the man’s eyes, not the woman’s.” – Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad

“May Allah’s mercy be upon muslim women who use hijab. May Hijab of a muslimah open the door of jannah for her and will close the door of hell-fire.”

Interpretation of the meaning :“Hijab is basic human right of Muslim women so everyone should respect their right.”

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“Lowering gaze also is also a type of hijab, it is applicable for male and female both.”

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“Hijab is not just for women but is for men as well. it is Hijab of eyes. Lower your gaze. Your eyes are the path to your heart, guard your eyes to guard your heart. “

“There is great wisdom in using hijab it protects a woman’s honour from evil eyes.”

“Muslim Women use hijab to cover their hair because Allah has commanded them to do so.”

“Using hijab is not just a choice but is duty of Muslimah to use it because it is Allah’s command for muslimah to use hijab. But yes no one should force her to use hijab nor one should force her to remove her hijab. If she obeys Allah then Allah will grant her success in this dunya and hereafter.”

“Hijab of muslimah is a symbol of modesty for her.”

“Our hijab is our Strength and our obedience to Allah.”

“Hijab is dignity, respect, honour and protection for a muslimah moreover and most important thing if you use hijab for the sake of Allah then it makes an obedient servant of Allah so a muslimah should never trade it with temporarily world.”

“I cannot imagine myself without hijab anymore and I wouldn’t want to do. It has not been my oppression, it has been my liberation.” – Sarah El Messaoudi

“A Woman in Hijab is like a Pearl in Shell.”

“Hijab is my right, my choice, my life.”

“The beauty of a woman is hijab.”

“Hijab is beautiful, so make it look beautiful, wear it with love, wear it with pride and most of all wear it Right.”

“Hijab doesn’t stop women from doing anything in anyway.”

“My hijab is my dignity, my respect, and my honour, and I will never ever trade it for this temporary world.”

“Hijab is just like crown for a muslimah. Hijab protects from evil eyes and it forces a man to look at a a hijabi woman with respect rather than as an object.”

“Keep calm and love hijab.”

“Hijab is not about oppression but freedom from evil eyes.”

“My hijab never makes me feels I am oppressed. In fact I feel I am free and protected.”

“Protect your eyes from whatever can poison your heart”

“I wish people could judge me by what is in my head, instead of what is on it.” – Ihsane Tauil (Student pedagogy)

“Hijab covers the head of muslimahs but not their brain.”

“It is not just a hijab. It’s a key to Jannah.”

“Woman wearing hijab is not oppressed but is protected. She is oppressed when someone attacks on her and forcefully removes her hijab. Attack on hijab is attack on freedom”

“We should focus on mind and behaviour the peole regardless what they wear and how they wear. Covering body is not slavery but slavery is when you force a woman to expose her body and wear short cloths.”

“Woman wearing hijab is not oppressed but is protected. She is oppressed when someone attacks on her and forcefully removes her hijab. Attack on hijab is attack on freedom”

“When a woman is covered then she is not powerless but she is strong. When a woman is covered then is not practicing slavery but is practicing freedom.”

“A powerful woman is one who is having strong brain with good thoughts and behavior. Brain is not on the hair but is covered inside the head.”

“Teaching of Jesus (Peace Be upon him) doesn’t oppose using hijab but endorses using hijab. Don’t forget mother of Jesus was using hijab.”

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