5+ Poetry in Hindi with translation in English

Short poems are known as poetry. Poets express their feelings and expressions in very short to express their views. in Urdu language Poetry is called shayari while in Hindi language it is called as kavita.

Some Hindi poetry with translation in English are as follows:

hindi poetry on river

“Thirsty people go to river bank but rivers don’t come at the door of thirsty people.”

hindi poetry on desires

“My desire is not that everyone should praise me but I have been trying that no one consider me bad.”

hindi poetry on patience
download dua poetry in hindi

“Make dua that this plant remain green and looks happy even during the time of sadness.”

short hindi poems

“People have been busy in counting their goodness but I have been busy in counting my faults.”

hindi poetry on desires with image

“My desire is that there should be no wall in our Courtyard, My brother you keep with yourself even my part too.”

hindi poetry on life with image

“Don’t point fingers on others, earn before spending.”

hindi poetry on mother

“Someone got house in his part or any shop but I was youngest in home so mother came in my part.”

hindi poetry on understanding

“Someone said me poison, someone said me honey but no one understands taste of mine.”

poetry on the truth in hindi

“Those who speak the truth, indeed they are in very less number.”

relationship poetry in hindi

“Often those relationships are wonderful that are built at the basis of feelings but not on the basis of favors.”

hindi poetry on heart by hindi poetry on heart

“The person who is fan of mine calls me a person just like stone but I am as soft as wax of honey. He should have felt by touching me.”

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