11+ Humble Quotes

Some humble quotes are as follows:

“When you meet the people then greet them and show them love and mercy with your god behavior.”

humble quotes

“Be humble and don’t be provocative in your speech nor in action.”

being humble quotes

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“Be good to your neighbors and never backbite against them nor think bad about them.”

stay humble quotes

“Be humble, don’t be jealousy of others, Stop focusing how great their life is but start focusing on your life that how you can make your life better.”

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“Be Humble and keep yourself busy in remembering your own faults, so that you don’t get chance to remembering faults of others.”

“Never speak ill of the people at the public place.”

“Be good to your parents, and take care of them.”

“Don’t play blame game with the people, Be tolerate and accept the differences and learn from each other.”

“Apologize to the people if they get hurt with you any action. Apologizing teaches us to be humble and polite”

“Don’t be sarcastic nor make fun of the views of others.”

“Show respect to the people, they will show respect to you.”

“If anyone guides you to the right path then don’t feel offended, try to correct your mistakes and appreciate him for his guidance.”

“Learn to be humble and patient.”

“Be humble and don’t be ungrateful.”

“People with negative thoughts will always try to dim your light of goodness so that they are not alone in the darkness, Be humble and stay strong, Don’t let negative people to dim your light.”

“Be humble and don’t do violence nor spread hatred. Violence and hatred are weapons of the weak people.”

“Be humble and try to see the good in the people and ignore negative acts.”

“Control your desires and Stick to your limits.”

“Remain humble and with humility during the time of success and defeat, Stay focused and remain humble.”

“Show love and respect to the people form depth of your heart.”

“Be humble and don’t judge people with who they were once, But judge to them with who they are now.”

“Be humble and have mercy on every creature.”

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