21+ Quotes by Imam Ibn al jawzi

Imam Ibn al-Jawzi boron on c. 510 AH/1126 CE in Baghdad, Iraq and passed away on 597 AH/14 June 1200 Baghdad, Iraq was an Iraqi Islamic scholar, writer and preacher (during the time of Islamic Golden Age) and He got a title as Shaykh al-Islam. He is authored of many Islamic books.
He was born in 1126 in Baghdad, Iraq and He passed away on 15 June 1201, in Baghdad, Iraq.

Some quotes and sayings of Imam Ibn al-Jawzi (May Allah have mercy on him) are as follows:

“Whoever lets his tongue loose on the honour of Muslims and looks for their faults, Allah holds his tongue from saying the Shahadah at the time of death.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Allah has ordered us to lower the gaze because it is the path to a pure heart.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“O my brothers/sisters, beware of this dunya for its magic is more dangerous than that of Haroot and Maroot: Their magic caused separation between a man and his wife.

But This Dunya’s magic causes separation between the slave and his Lord (Allah)…” –   Ibn al-Jawzi

“Take advantage of your life, the bricks of which time brings down day after day.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“If you want to know your value with your Lord, look to how He is using you and what actions He has kept you busy with..” – Imam Ibn al-Jawzi

“Know my son, that days consists of hours and hours are made of the breaths you take. Every breath is a treasure chest, so beware of letting a breath pass by with no benefit. You do not want to find an empty treasure chest on the Day of Judgement and regret.” — Ibn Al Jawzi

“Never a distance too great, nor road too long; That leads to one with whom bond is strong.” – Ibn Al Jawzi

“Reciting the Quran heals the diseases of the heart just like honey heals the diseases of the body.”   – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Whoever claims that listening to songs does not affect his attitude and desire is a liar.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“The two things which need to be controlled the most are the tongue and the eye.” Ibn Al-Jawzi

“The dirty robe is more in need of soap (Istighfar) than perfume (tasbeeh) ”  – Imam Ibn Al-Jawzi

“A greedy is the one who does what Allah forbids, and asks Allah what he wants!.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“Whoever loves that his actions are not severed after he dies, then he should spread knowledge.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“The truth is heavy while falsehood is light.” –  Imaam Ibn al-Jawzi

“How can you have pride when Imām Aḥmad memorized one million ḥadīth by heart?” – Imaam Ibn al-Jawzi

“Every breath we take is taking us closer to death. The time we spend in this world is short, the time we are held in our graves is long, and the punishment for following our lowly desires is calamitous.”  – Ibn al-Jawzi

“To achieve any objective, we need two things:

Nobel himma (motivation) – will overcome the obstruction
Right strategy.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“And deeds are not performed correctly with (only) a little knowledge.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Punishment may be delayed and come at the end of one’s life. What a bad life this would be at old age for one to suffer due to his sins during his youth!.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Fear of Allah removes the disease of idleness & heals it. It is the best discipline for the believer.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Take heed from the lessons of those before you, before you become a lesson for those after you.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Whoever has self respect does not give any value to the worldly life (dunyā).” – Ibn Al-Jawzī

“The smart person must eat to live, while the ignorant person prefers to live to eat.” – Abdur Rahman Ibn al-Jawzi

“O you, love of this worldly life is more lethal than poison, & evils of this world are more numerous in numbers than ants.” – Ibn Al-Jawzî

“Sins to a heart are like oil drops on a cloth, unless you wash it immediately and vigorously, it will permanently stain.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“The best of cures for sadness is to know that one cannot bring back what he has missed…” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Sincerity is a perfume hidden deep in the heart, but its fragrance emanates from the person.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“This world is a bridge and a bridge should not be taken as a home.”  — Ibn al-Jawzi

“Whoever loves that his deeds do not cease after his death, should then spread knowledge.” Ibn al-Jawzi

“If response [to your du’a] is delayed, don’t worry! Understand He’s the Master & Most Wise in planning and the Most Knowing!.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Whoever spends his time guarding his money; out of fear of poverty, is already poor!.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“You’re the most precious creature to Allah, so be content with what Allah has decreed for you…” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“If the heart is sick, the forbidden becomes attractive and obedience of Allah becomes something you look at with contempt.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Every hardship that does not take you away from Allah becomes a blessing.” -Ibn Al-Jawzi

“The most ignorant of the ignorant people prefers being rewarded now (i.e. dunyā) than later (i.e. Jannah).” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“A woman is an accountable individual just as a man is. She is obliged to seek knowledge of her duties so that she may perform them properly.”  – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“As long as a believer wears the shield of his ‘Imān the arrows of Iblīs will never strike him!” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“The hardship that comes with obedience [to Allah] eventually disappears, but its reward remains…” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“Be careful of procrastination, for it is the greatest soldier of Iblis.” ― Ibn al-Jawzi

“A foolish friend is more dangerous to you than your enemy.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“This worldly life only impresses those with no intellect.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“Praying two rak’at with contemplation is better than praying all night while the heart is heedless.” –  Ibn al-Jawzi

“This World was created to travel through it and not occupy it,and pass over it and not build it, so don’t get attached to it.” –   Ibn Al-Jawzi

“You should know that your obedience to Him shall never fetch Him any benefit; your obedience is only for your own benefit.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“O you, the sins you commit shall never effect your Lord; He only wants to keep you (away) from (your own) harm.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“Knowledge and action are twins whose mother is high motivation.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“Endure the nights of hardship because if you look through the eye of patience, you shall see the dawn of reward.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“As for love, Allah’s love is not like that of people. Allah only loves those who obey Him.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“You will only achieve good by obeying Allah, and no good will bypass you except due to your disobedience.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

“How strange! You loose a little from you and you cry. And your whole life is wasting and you’re laughing.” – Ibn al-Jawzi //  If you lose faith in Islam then you will lose everything.

“Allāh has ordered us to lower the gaze because it is the path to a pure heart.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“We are in a garden, where our food is devotion, and our drink is the tears that flow.” – Imam ibn al-Jawzi // (Quote about Salah)

“The main reason for anger is usually arrogance”  — Ibn al-Jawzi

“If you find darkness in your heart after sin, know that there is light in your heart. Because of it you felt the darkness.”-   Ibn al-Jawzi

“Know that if people are impressed with you, in reality they are impressed with the beauty of Allah’s covering your sins.” – Ibn al-Jawzi

“I came to understand that guiding people by one’s actions is greater and more inspiring than guiding them by just words.”-Ibn Al-Jawzi.

“Surely, the verses of the Qur’an are treasures, so when you enter a treasure, try not to come out of it, until you know what’s in it.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

If the heart was pure, it would be in turmoil when a sin is committed.” –  Ibn Al-Jawzi

“Never despair of the Mercy of Allah, even if the trial is long.” – Ibn Al-Jawzi

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