21+ Quotes by Ibn Arabi

Ibn Arabi was a poet and philosopher. He was Born on 7 August 1165, Murcia, Spain and passed away on 16 November 1240, Damascus, Syria.

Some quotes of him are as follows:

“Renounce anger and hatred, and relinquish malice and spite in your heart.” – Ibn Arabi

“What you plant here, you will reap there.” – Ibn Arabi

“The greatest quality of a man is to treat his enemies in a better way, for Allah himself showed kindness to his unbelievers.” – Ibn Arabi

“The fullness of knowledge only comes through the awareness of ignorance. ” – Ibn Arabi

“The destination of the seeker… depends on the road he takes.” – Ibn Arabi

“Learn to give, whether you have plenty or little, whether you are happy or in pain.” – Ibn Arabi

“Show love, compassion, protection & generosity to those who depend on you – in fact, to everyone.” – Ibn Arabi

“May God, gift me with a heart by which I may be devoted to you in utter poverty..” – Ibn Arabi

“Relief is with Allah .” – Ibn Arabi

“Faith is a seed.It grows into a tree with the beneficent watering & sunshine of faithful friends .” – Ibn Arabi

“It is only humans and djinn who have pride and…..arrogance.” – Ibn Arabi

“The requirement of a teacher, is only that he should possess all that the disciple needs.” – Ibn Arabi

“Know, O noble brother, that while the paths are many, the way of truth is single.” – Ibn Arabi

“If you set out…you will arrive.” – Ibn Arabi

“Flee from the path of leisurely comforts; expel greed, envy, & vanity from your heart.” – Ibn Arabi

“Forget remembering yourselves…by remembering your Lord.” – Ibn Arabi

“If you engage in travel…you will arrive.” – Ibn Arabi

“The desires of this world are like sea water. The more you drink of them, the more you thirst.” – Ibn Arabi

“Beware of the wishes of the ego… settle your accounts with it.” – Ibn Arabi

“Be satisfied with what U have…even if it is less than others have.” – Ibn Arabi

“This world is a trial ground; don’t seek comfort & riches in it.” – Ibn Arabi

“Indeed the whole world is imagination. Only He is the Real in Reality.” – Ibn Arabi

“Whoever asks for proof for Allah’s oneness…a donkey knows more than him.” – Ibn Arabi

“Give value to your time, live in the present moment. Do not live in imagination & throw UR time away.”- Ibn Arabi

“Cleanse & beautify your days & nights with worship.The generous Lord asks you to His presence 5 times a day.” – Ibn Arabi

“Do not listen to your ego, yet take care of its needs.” – Ibn Arabi

“The ignorant one does not see his ignorance as he basks in its darkness; nor does the knowledgeable one see his own knowledge, for he basks in its light.” – Ibn Arabi

“How can the heart travel to God, when it is chained by its desires?” -Ibn Arabi

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