10+ Quotes by Sheikh Ibn Baz

Sheikh Ibn Baz or Abd al-Aziz ibn Baz (May Allah have mercy on him) was as a Saudi Arabian Islamic scholar and Grand Mufti. He was born on 21 November 1910, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and passed away on 13 May 1999, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He served as Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia from 1993 until his death in 1999.

Some quotes by him are as follows:

“Whoever stands up all of the ten last nights, he will have [undoubtedly] found Laylatul Qadr.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“You’re in need of guidance even if you were the most pious and even if you were the most knowledgeable, you’re in need of guidance till you die.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

ibn baz quotes on hijab

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“Anyone who reflects on the Quran seeking guidance, Allah will honor them, give them insight and help them achieve their aim.” – Sheikh Ibn Baz

“A true Muslim brother is one who keeps advising, reminding and directing you to the straight path…” – Sheikh Ibn Baz

“This era is an era of gentleness, patience and wisdom, not an era of harshness. The majority of the people are in ignorance, heedlessly preferring the Dunyaa. So we must be patient and we must be gentle until the Da’wah spreads, until the people reach it and until they know. We ask Allah to grant everyone guidance.” – Sheikh Ibn Baz

“Reaching the month of Ramadaan is in itself a gift from Allaah.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“The believers must remind and Advise theirs brothers.” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“If the people of truth don’t speak out in the clarification of the haqq, then people of error (falsehood) will remain upon their mistakes, others would blindly follow them in that. And the sin of withholding the truth would fall back on those who remained silent.” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“Unite upon that which we agree, and excuse each other in that which we disagree.” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“Whoever has abandoned prayer, his deeds are destroyed & his fasting is not accepted.” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“Whoever takes care of his time by doing Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah), reciting the Quran, accompanying the good people, and distancing himself from ignorant and bad company will purify and soften his heart.” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“Don’t hurt or give so much pain to any believer that he/she sits on prayer mat & cries because of the pain given by you.” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“Celebrating birthdays has no source in the Sharī’ah. In fact, it is a bid’ah (innovation in islam).” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“It is not allowed for a woman to pray in a thin garment. The prayer is not correct (invalid).” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“Be not of those who curse Iblis in public yet obey him in private.” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“Allah doesn’t need you but you need Allah. So repent and seek his guidance.” – Shaykh Ibn Baz

“Shyness that prevents you from speaking the truth is not shyness at all, But only weakness!.” – Shaykh ibn baz Rahimahullaah

“An evil deed (committed) in Ramadan is a greater sin than an evil deed (committed) outside it.” – Ibn Baz

“If you cannot forbid backbiting, you must leave the gathering. If you stay, you are sinning.” – Shaykh ibn Bāz

“Indeed Allaah gives the asker more than he asks Him for; and He repels harm from him more than he asks Him to.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“The best Hijab for women after covering her face is to stay in her house.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“Knowledge is not achieved by those who are arrogant, nor by those who are lazy and incapable.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“Knowledge is needed to gain clear insight in the Religion and to be able to distinguish and recognize Truth from falsehood.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“It is Compulsory to save your self and family from Hellfire.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“Allah legislated earning & ordered us to earn, and He dislikes unemployment & idleness from work.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“Allah is above the heavens, over the Throne and His Knowledge is in every place.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“Whoever is able to not ask the people for their wealth, then he shouldn’t. This is safer for his religion.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“It’s no doubt that being deprived of beneficial knowledge is from the greatest of calamities.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“It is obligatory that a woman is only married with her permission and to who she is pleased with.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“Acting (Film acting) is forbidden. It is lies and falsehood! We ask Allāh for well-being.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“The scholars of the truth, the Sunnah and Tawheed are few in every place.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“Lengthening / Growing long nails is against the sunnah.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“A person should clear the debt before he performs Hajj, though his Hajj is still valid, even if he hasn’t cleared the debt” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“it’s baseless and not from the sunnah to recite it so the reward goes to the dead.” – Shaykh ibn Baz

“A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim without differentiating between generations, tribes or languages.”- Shaykh ibn Baz

“Advise your brother but if he insists on sinning openly then abandon him & don’t take him as a friend.” – Shaykh ibn Bāz

“Whoever stands up all of the ten last nights, he will have (undoubtedly) found Laylatul Qadr.” – Shaykh Ibn Baaz

“Be plentiful in asking your lord (Allah) to keep you firm upon guidance and the truth, and thereafter if you fall into disobedience, hasten in repentance.” – Shaykh Ibn Baaz

“The Believing Jinn Help The Believers Even Though The Believers May Not Realize It.”- Shaykh Ibn Baaz

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