21+ Quotes by Imam Ibn Hazm

Ibn Hazm (May Allah have mercy on him) was born on 7-November 994 AD, Córdoba, Spain and passed away on 15-August 1064, Niebla, Spain. He was a Andalusian poet, historian, jurist, philosopher and theologian. He wrote numerous books.

Some motivational quotes by Ibn Hazm are as follows:

“Don’t try to be friends with those who scorn you. You will get nothing from it but shame and deception.” – Ibn Hazm

neglect quotes by imam ibn hazm

“Perhaps one hour of neglect may destroy a years worth of pious effort!” -Imam Ibn Hazm رحمه الله
[Al-Akhlaq wa-Siyar p. 14]

“Blessed is one who knows his own faults better than others know them.” – Ibn Hazm

“Don’t ask your friend more than you yourself prepared to give. To ask more is to abuse his friendship.” – Ibn Hazm

“When a man is asleep, he leaves the world and forgets all joy and sorrow. If he kept his sprit in the same state of walking, he would know perfect happiness.”- Ibn Hazm

“When you give advice, do not give it only on condition that it will be taken.” – Ibn Hazm

“If you advise someone on the condition that they have to accept it, then you are an….oppressor.”- Ibn Hazm

“Do not intercede…only on the condition that your intercession is accepted.”- Ibn Hazm

“Anyone who rises above the things of this world, to which you kneel, is mightier…than you.” – Ibn Hazm

“If you admire your opinions, then think of the number of times…you got it wrong.”- Ibn Hazm

“I constantly sought  knowledge and truth for gaining the splendor and closeness to…Allah.”- Ibn Hazm

“The chief motive of all human actions is the desire to avoid anxiety.”- Ibn Hazm

“A man who is miser with his knowledge is worse than a man who is a miser with his….money.”- Ibn Hazm

“The wise man is the one who can see faults in himself & tries to overcome them.” – Ibn Hazm

“No man is secure from the vexations of…Satan.” – Ibn Hazm

“And if you say: “It is possible to reach the sky,” I reply: “Yes, and I know where the stairs may be found.” – Ibn Hazm

“Glad-tidings to he who knows his own faults more than other people…know it.” – Ibn Hazm

“If you admire your knowledge, then remember that it is not from yourself; rather it is a pure gift from Allah.” – Ibn Hazm

“Whoever is tested with self-admiration…let him think of his faults.” – Ibn Hazm

“When you give advice, do not give it only on condition that it will be taken.” – Ibn Hazm

“Treat people the way you treat fire: get it’s warmth but do not mix with it.” – Ibn Hazm

“Truthfulness is composed of justice & courage.” – Ibn Hazm

“To give people their rightful part of UR possessions is not generosity; it is a duty.”- Ibn Hazm

“The wise man knows the only fitting price for his soul is a place in Paradise.” – Ibn Hazm

“Knowledge no longer exists, if one has ignored the attributes of the Almighty Great Creator.” – Ibn Hazm

“One hour of neglect can undo a year of pious effort.” – Ibn Hazm

“Replace the pride that you take in your virtues with acts of grace towards the One who gave them to you.”- Ibn Hazm

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