11+ Quotes Ibn Majah

ibn majah (May Allah have mercy on him) was born on 824 AD, Qazvin, Iran and passed away on 19 February 887 AD, Qazvin, Iran. He was was a medieval scholar of hadith of Persian origin.

Some quotes by him are as follows:

“The intelligent person is one who knows his soul and works for what follows…death.” Ibn Majah

“Those who remember death the most, and are best prepared for what comes after it. Those are the intelligent ones.”(Ibn majah)

“Nobody swallows a more bitter pill than that of anger—seeking the satisfaction of Allah.” – Ibn Majah

“No duaah made by a fasting person at the time of breaking fast…is rejected.” – Ibn Majah

“Everything has a cleansing agent, and fasting is the cleansing agent for the…body.” – Ibn Majah

“There is nothing like marriage, for two…who love one another.” – Ibn Majah

“When you pray…pray like one departing.” – Ibn Majah

“Attainment of #knowledge is incumbent on a Muslim & Muslimah.” – Ibn Majah

Abandon desire for this world, and God will love you. Abandon desire for others’ goods, and people will love you. – Ibn Majah

“A thief won’t steal when he has full faith (in Allah ).” – Ibn Majah

“Don’t waste water even if U stand by a flowing river.” – Ibn Majah

“Abandon desire for this world, & Allah will love you. Abandon desire for others’ goods & people will love you.” – Ibn Majah

“One of the best forms of charity is that a Muslim acquires knowledge and imparts it to another Muslim.” – Ibn Majah

“Friday is the most virtuous in the sight of Allah.In the sight of Allah it has more greatness than the two Eids.” – Ibn Majah

“Do not laugh too much, for excessive laughter kills the heart [spiritually].” – Ibn Majah

“Beautify the Quran with your voices.” – Ibn Majah

“Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) never hit a woman.” – Ibn Majah

“Marriage is a healing for lovers.” – Ibn Majah

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