21+ Quotes by Ibn Qudamah

Ibn Qudaamah (May Allah have mercy on him) was a Muslim preacher. Some quotes by him are as follows:

Ibn Qudaamah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: “Chess is like dice in that it is forbidden.” (al-Mughni, 14/155)

“Fear and hope (in Allah) are two medicines for the heart” – Ibn Qudamah

Ibn Qudâmah said: “The Salaf used to forbid others from sitting with the innovators, looking into their books, and listening to their speech.“ [Al-Âdâb Ash-Shar’iyyah, 1/232]

Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi rahimahullah said: “Truly, the Salaf used to love whoever makes them aware of their deficiencies, and the most hated people to us now are those who make us recognise our deficiencies.” [Minhaj al-Qasidin (pg. 196)]

Ibn Qudamah said: “A disbeliever cannot be the wali of a Muslim woman under any circumstances, according to scholarly consensus.”

“The sins of the tongue are many. They have a certain taste in the heart, and they spring forth from a person’s nature.” – Ibn Qudamah

Ibn Qudamah said: “If a man were to throw a stone into his house for every sin he commits, his house would be filled within a very short period of time.
But he doesn’t pay much attention to remembering his sins.” Source: Mukhtasar Minhaj al-Qaasideen (p. 373)

Ibn Qudamah said: “The believer is a prisoner in this world, striving to ransom himself (from Hell), and nothing will make him feel secure until he meets Allah.” [Source: Minhaj al-Qasideen p. 373

Ibn Qudamah said, “The moment u found ur heart absent during Salaat, know that it is due to weakness in faith. Make efforts to correct it”.

Imam Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi: “Fear (of Allah) isn’t due to having many sins; rather it’s from having a pure heart and perfection in your knowledge of Allah.”

“…rely on God like a drowning man who knows not any other means to salvation but God.” – Ibn Qudamah

Ibn Qudamah, said: It’s obligatory on the walī of child to educate him on Salah & Tahāra when he is 7 Mughni 2:350 (but then he remain a muqallid)

“Know that when Allāh intends good for His servant, He makes him aware of his own defects (i.e., so he can repent).” – Ibn Qudamah

“And know that many men were destroyed due to their fear of people’s criticism and love for their praise.” – Ibn Qudamah

“[Solitude] saves you from the evil of people.” – Ibn Qudamah, Mukhtasar Minhaj al-Qasideen (p. 113)

Imam Ibn Qudamah al-Hanbali: “Imaan is a statement of the tongue, an action of the limbs and a belief of the heart. It increases with obedience and decreases with disobedience.” – (Lum’at-ul-‘Itiqaad, pg 21)

Ibn Qudamah was asked : Who is the felicitous? He said : “The one whose reward continues even after his breaths have stopped.”

“You are more worried about people catching you sinning than Allaah seeing you.” – Ibn Qudamah

Ibn Qudāmah: “Know that not everyone is suitable to be your friend.Chosen company should have 5 qualities: intellect, good character; not a sinner, a heretic (upon bidʿah) or eager for dunyā.”

Ibn Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisī said: “The Salaf used to love the one who would point out their faults to them.”

Ibn Qudamah said: “There is no problem with drying oneself after performing wudoo.”

Ibn Qudāmah: “The Salaf used to love the one who would show them their faults while we hate the one most who informs us of our flaws.”

Imam Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi: If a man experiences a wet dream this does not invalidate his fast. [al-Mughni (v. 3, p. 22)]

“Patience is the persistence of the religious impulse in face of the impulse of desire.”- Ibn Qudāmah al-Maqdisī

Ibn Qudāmah: “Women of Salaf used to say: ‘Beware of Haram earning, for we can be patient upon hunger but not Fire’.”

“Know that envy is a great disease of the hearts, and the diseases of the hearts are not cured except with knowledge and action.” – Ibn Qūdamah

“If a person knows there is a defect in his goods, it’s impermissible for him to sell them unless he discloses it to the purchaser. If he does not disclose it then he is sinning.” – Ibn Qūdamah

Ibn Qudāmah said, ”If a person knows everything yet does not know Allāh, it is as if he knows nothing at all.” (Minhāj al-Qāsidīn, p. 155)

Ibn Qudāmah: “The Salaf used to forbid sitting with the people of innovations, looking into their books and listening to their words.”

“Allah has created two gates for the tongue: your teeth and lips. Learn to use your gates properly.” – Ibn Qudamah (Rahimahullah)

“Life is short, your days are numbered, and every breath that you take steals away part of your life.” – Ibn Qudamah

“Heedlessness is the origin of sins.” – Ibn Qudāmah

Ibn Qudamah (rahimahumullah) once said that when one slanders you, you should be thankful that he spoke something about you which was untrue, for there are many blemishes on your account which are true which Allaah hid from the world…..

“This life is indeed brief and eternal life is in only two outcomes: everlasting bliss or unending torment…” [Ibn Qudamah, al-Wasiyya]

“May Allah accept good deeds from us and from you.” – [Ibn Qudamah, Al-Mughni 1440]

Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisī: “Refresh yourself through your intimate conversation with Him and enjoy His worship.” [al-Wasiyyah]

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