11+ Quotes by Imam Dhahabi

Imam Dhahabi was one of the greatest scholars of Islamic history.

Some quotes by him are as follows:

“Indeed knowledge is not associated with abundance of narration, rather it is alight which Allah places in the hearts. Its condition is to follow, and escape from desire and innovation.” – Imam Dhahabi

“Whosoever consumes unlawful food, Allah Most High will not accept his obligatory and voluntary worship.” – Imam Dhahabi

“If trials and tribulations occur then cling to the Sunnah, adhere to remaining silent and do not delve into that…” – Imam Dhahabi

“The sign of a [true] friend is that he is a friend to the friend of his friend” – Imam Dhahabi

“Good qualities of a person are not buried altogether due to a single failing.” – Imam Dhahabi [Siyar A’lam al-Nubala (v. 16, p. 285)]

“Do not let shaytan blind you from your brothers goodness.” – Imām Dhahābī

Their faults should be overlooked in favor of their overwhelming good” – Imam Al Dhahabi (RA)

“Understanding is more precious to us than memorizing.” –

“Only someone of virtue recognizes the virtue of the people of virtue.” – Imam Dhahabi [Source: Siyar a’lam an-Nubala (v. 4, pp. 402-403)]

“Whoever seeks knowledge for his actions, then his knowledge will make him humble and fearful.”- Imam Dhahabi

“Disputation is a source of evil.” – Imam Dhahabi

“Allah curses the intelligence that has no imaan and is happy with the dimness that has taqwā.” -Imam Dhahabi

“Either you speak with knowledge or you remain silent with gentleness.” – Imam Dhahabi

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