15+ Quotes and Sayings by Imam Malik

Imam Malik (rahimahullah) also know as Imam Malik bin Anas was an Islamic scholar and jurist. Imam Malik was born in 711 AD in city of Madinah and passed away on 795 AD, Medina, Saudi Arabia. He was most prominent Islamic scholar and has written many books.

Some inspirational quotes and sayings of Imam Malik are as follows:

“I am but a man. I make mistakes sometimes and I am correct sometimes, so examine my opinions and accept anything that agrees with the Book and Sunnah; and leave anything that does not agree with the Book and Sunnah.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“Verily this knowledge is your flesh and blood, and you will be asked about it on the day of resurrection. So look (be careful) from whom you take it.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“Verily, When a person starts praising himself, then his honor will leave him.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“A sign of a person’s evil is his need to constantly argue.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“I have met people in my city who seem the most righteous but they went out and started exposing people so Allah made their faults apparent . I know other people who have faults but because they are quite Allah cause people to forget their faults.” – Imam Malik

“I am asked a fatwa and I lose sleep for days and nights.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“I did not start giving fatwa until seventy scholars said that I was suitable for that.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“Don’t give misled people access to your ears. You have no idea what kind of trouble that can create within you.”- Imam Malik Ibn Anas

“If I have 99 reasons to believe a person is a kaafir and one to believe he is not, I’ll prefer the latter.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“Taghut is that which is worshipped besides Allah.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah), // We Muslims should not worship Taghut  but We should worship only Allah.

Ibn Battaal said: ‘Imam Malik was asked: my father requests me to do something but my mother prevents me from it.’
Imam Malik answered: “Obey your father and do not disobey your mother.”

“My mother would dress me up in the clothes of the scholars whilst I still was a young boy and she would tell me ‘Go to the Masjid and seek knowledge from Imām ar-Rabīʿah, study his manners before you take from his knowledge.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“always be in a company that motivates you toward a positive direction.” – imam malik (rahimahullah)

“Seek knowledge, even about how to wear shoes according to the Sunnāh” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“No one who has knowledge should stop seeking knowledge.” – Imam Malik

“Whatever you fool around with, don’t fool around with your din(Religion).” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“The Sunnah is like the Ark of Noah. Whoever embarks upon it reaches salvation and whoever refuses is drowned.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“It is not knowledge which should come to you, it is you who should come to the knowledge.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“It is not benefiting for anyone with knowledge to give up learning.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“Knowledge is not knowing a large number of texts and quoting narrations. It is a light that Allah places in the heart.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“Knowledge does not refer to plenty of information, knowledge is a light that Allah puts in the heart of a true believer.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“The believer is like a pearl; wherever he is, his beautiful (qualities) are with him” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

“I do not view that one should stand by the grave of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon him) and make du’aa, rather one should give salaam and then pass by.” – Imam Malik (rahimahullah)

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