11+ Islamic Dp Images for Whatsapp

DP stands for display picture. Dp images could be used to as cover image of a social media profile or to set status of a social media status like twitter, Facebook, whatsapp etc.

Some Islamic dps are as follows:

islamic dp on dua and prayer
best islamic dp

“Every believer is a blessed person, Thanks Allah for blessing me with Islam.”

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allah is one dp

“Allah is one. Obey Allah.”

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“Never be sad nor grieve, Allah is with us.”

abraham was a muslim dp

“Abraham (Peace Be Upon him) was a Muslim and Islamic prophet.”

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Jesus prayed to Allah dp

“Jesus (Peace Be Upon him) Prayed Allah and asked people to pray Allah. He was a Muslim and Islamic prophet.”

muslims love jesus dp image

“Muslims love Prophet Jesus (Peace Be Upon him)

worship Allah dp

“No one is worth to worship except Allah and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) is messenger of Allah.”

there are no sad endings dp

“There are no sad endings for those who obey and trust Allah.” // Means If you pray 5 times a day, fast during month of Ramadan, you give charity to poor and needy people, If you capable to do hajj then you have done hajj or willing to go for hajj, you truly follow teaching of Quran and Sunnah and accept plans of Allah no mater what. then in sha Allah there will be no sad endings for you.

download islamic dp image about life

“Rely on Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala for everything that you want in your life, He will give you if you truly obey Him and trust Him.”

“If Allah supports you then no matter who is against you.”

“To make a dua you don’t need to have tongue but you need to have clean heart  because dua is also accepted of the ones who have no tongue”

“Every breath we take is a blessing from Allah. Thank Allah for everything.”

“Loved ones are not just who praise you in front of you but are those who make dua for you behind your back.”

“If remembrance of Allah is always in your heart, you will remain always a happy person.”

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