5+ Islamic Quotes in Urdu Translated in English

Some Islamic quotes in Urdu are mentioned here with  English Translation:

inspirational islamic quotes in urdu

“When a person stops sinning and starts doing good deeds, then know that his repentance is accepted.”

islamic quotes in urdu

“Don’t be source of to spread sins(evils), May be you have repented, but What about he who has been still committing sins just because of your spread evil/sins, he may become cause of harm for you at the day of judgment.”

Islamic Quotes About Death In Urdu

“Know that our final home is grave, so remember your grave and start doing good deeds, Know that no one likes to go home empty hands.”

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islamic quotes in urdu on father

“Never speak high in front of your father, Allah dislikes such behavior.”

islamic quotes in urdu on life

“No one gets Rizq (Provision) by using his power nor Ability, But Allah is one who gives Rizq (Provision) to every one.”

islamic quotes in urdu about life

“Tell those who wish bad for you that hardship and sufferings can give Allah and none.”

islamic quotes in urdu about namaz

“If people who have been getting money for Namaz (Salat) then everyone would have been namazi, O Muslims pray namaz (Salat).”

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islamic quotes in urdu wallpaper

“Body dies and is finished but your deeds are not, your deeds will still remembered by people even if you die so do good deeds.”

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