51+ Inspirational Islamic Quotes in English

Here I have collected some beautiful Islamic quotes in English language. Islam always teaches us peace, love, humanity, tolerance, justice, brotherhood/sisterhood and also is a best way to live life. By following Islam we can make our life successful life in this Dunya (world) and hereafter as well. We should remember and Obey Allah (God) not in just difficult times but always. I hope you will get peace of mind by reading Islamic quotes added her at this page.

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Here is a collection of 90+ short Islamic quotes and sayings. Read Islamic quotes to get motivation, encouragement, inspiration and peace in your life. Moreover read quotes and advise and correct me whenever you see mistakes from my part because We are human and errors are occurred from our end.

remember Allah and accept Allah's decree and decisions
Always remember Allah
Islamic quotes on turn to Allah

“Life of this dunya is test and it is very short so repent and turn to Allah before you return to Allah.”

islamic quotes on good deeds

“Obey Allah, offer prayers timely and keep doing good deeds in the hope of mercy and blessings of Allah.”

islamic quotes on hardship and trials

“Our life in this world is test. Allah gives us trials and hardships to test us and to strengthen us.”

best Islamic quotes by Ali Banat about death
“No doctor can stop your death, Allah already told that death will reach you, So turn to Allah before you turn to dust and return to Allah.”

“Try to become a good Muslim and move on obeying Allah with sabr.”

islamic quote on sabr (patience)

“Indeed, Islam is a religion of peace, brotherhood, tolerance, truth, justice, and it has the solutions for humanity issues and problems.”

islamic quotes about life

“If you truly follow Islam then it will save you from life issues.”

islamic quotes and thought on smoking

“Smoking is physically harms your body and is injurious for your health, and it is waste of money, please stop smoking.”

islamic quotes on true happiness

“Control Shaytan, control your nafs and don’t let any worldly desire bring you down. Allah is always with the side of us believers.”

“Always trust and accept decisions of Allah.”

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“Distribute Quran to the people for free, They will read Quran and you will earn reward from Allah.”

“Teach people recite dua in best way, when they will recite dua then you will earn reward from Allah.”

islamic quotes on dawah

“Teach people to pray Slah(Salat) when they will pray then you will earn reward from Allah.”

“Build a mosque (masjid) or help the people who are building a mosque, when people will pay in mosque then you will earn reward from Allah.”

“Build an Islamic schoolor help those who are building Islamic school to educate Muslim children in the light of Quran and Sunnah. When Muslim children will gain Islamic knowledge in the light of Quran and Sunnah then you will earn reward from Allah.”

“Control your nafs and do whatever Allah wants you to do, and don’t be salve of your desires nor of the people.”

“No matter how strong are the enemies of Islam, They can never harm Islam. Islam is having protection of Allah himself so no one can destroy Islam.”

“If you have no Imaan then your life is useless and you have no have no good future ahead.”

“Take guidance from Quran and sunnah., If you do so then you will never get misguided.”

“There is no place of Innovation (Biddah) in Islam. Islam is fully a complete religion, any innovation in the name of religion is sinful.”

“If you someone is committing mistakes then don’t be in hurry to condemn them but guide them in private with love, wisdom and the way what is the best.”

“Don’t be in hurry to expose other Muslims nor claim any kind of perfection but be in hurry in repentance, seeking forgiveness of Allah and striving to improve yourself.”

“Always stay positive attitude, earn halal and eat halal food, spread peace and happiness, respect women, help the poor, help the oppressed, help the needy people, treat animals kindly, feed hungry, life simple life, stay grateful, pray daily and thank Allah at every step of your life.”

“Know that if you have Islam in your life then you have everything in your life, without Islam your life is full of darkness. May Allah keep us steadfast on our Deen and may he keep guiding Muslim ummah with his guidance.”

“May Allah keep guiding us Muslims and never let us to be source of the pain for each other.”

“A believer should always strive to please Allah and never compromise with any part of the faith to please to anyone or to gain worldly pleasure.”

“Keep doing good deeds as it saves you from misdeeds.”

“Allah created us so worship him alone but not creations.”

“If you want good life hereafter then keep following/accepting teaching of Quran and Sunnah with sincerity.”

“Never forget that the main goal of a believer is to attain a place in janha.”

“Quran is having words of Allah. Sunnah is what our Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and upon his family) said and what is he did.”

“If you are a Muslim then always remember that there is no place of racism in Islam. In Islam we all are equal.”

“If you want true happiness then obey and remember Allah. Allah is one who can provide you true happiness.”

“If you goal is jannah then you should strive for it rather than planting the seeds of jahannam.”

“Allah is most merciful and forgiving, If you obey Allah at each and every steps then Allah will help you at each and every steps.”

“Suicide is one of the major sins in Islam, Allah blessed you a beautiful life so live it and never commit suicide.”

“Accept Islam over culture, Culture is made by the people while Islam is made by Allah.”

“The main goal of every Muslims is to achieve a place in jannh so put your ego aside and don’t be proud of yourself until you reach there and get a place in jannah.”

“If you are grateful and believe that Allah is enough for you then happiness will always be with you.”

“Never make any kind of fun of the people who cannot do what you can do, You can do it because Allah offer quality in you to do it. So leave ego and be grateful of Allah.”

“Islam teaches us truth, peace, justice, mercy, humanity but not cruelty.”

“Always accept Allah’s decision but not your wishes because his decisions are better than your wishes.”

“Allah is the most merciful and forgiving, He loves to forgive the believers. He will never stop forging you as long as you wouldn’t stop seeking forgiveness.”

“Before judging Islam, first you need to learn and know about Islam.”

“None one can rescue a person from hardship except Allah so put your trust in Allah.”

“Don’t worry about the things that you did not get even asking Allah in dua, Know that you have still countless blessings of Allah in your life, you got even without asking for it. So thank Allah and be grateful.”

“Keep doing good deeds and fill life spans with righteous deeds.”

“Islam gives us peace and relief.”

“If you are facing hardship then remind yourself that after hardship comes ease.”

“Keep doing good deeds no matter whether people appreciate you or not. Allah knows everything and he appreciates us for our good deeds.”

“Strive to earn love of Allah but not people.”

“Quran recitation gives us relaxation, offering salah at right times gives us happiness, making istighfaar often gives us relief, making dua removes troubles and hardship in our life. We get blessings from Allah by making salwaat on the Prophet (peace Be Upon him).”

“Hardships come in our life with a purpose and it is not permanent.”

“Never let Shaytan get a chance, drive him with Dhikr.”

“Make your imaan so strong that your good deeds please you and bad deeds put you in grieve.”

“Never endorse any kind of biddah(innovation in religion) because it is sinful and is a pure misguidance even if it looks good.”

“Don’t acquire anything of astrology as it is sinful in Islam.”

“Our life of this dunya is a test so Allah has a purpose for our every pains, reasons for our every struggle in life, And reward from Allah for our every faithfulness towards him. So never give up.”

“Our life of this dunya is a test and it is very short, Allah rewards those who have sabr.”

“Don’t declare kaafir to your Muslim brothers.”

“Islam brings truth, happiness, stability and peace in our life.”

“Islam brings mankind closer to Allah and teaches us how to get success in the life of this dunya and hereafter.”

“Work and do the things the way Allah want you, but not how the people want you to do.”

“The best cure for worry is in remembrance of Allah and putting trust in him.”

“Don’t lose hope nor be sad, be firm and steadfast on the path of deen.”

“Keep doing good to the people without expecting anything in return from them. If you intention is to please Allah but not the people then Allah will be pleased with you and He will reward to you.”

“Islam is for whole mankind but not just for those got birth in Muslim family and brought as Muslim.”

“Start practicing Islam in your life from today and right away because tomorrow is not guaranteed. ”

“If I post something about Islam on social media then it doesn’t mean I am claiming my perfection or righteousness, with the the Islamic posts I am just reminding to the people because reminder benefits the believers.”

“Just looking at the sins of others will not help you but you need to follow Quran and Sunnah in your life and strive to be righteous person.”

“Success is from Allah alone so if you want success in your life then strive to get closer to Allah and Allah will offer you success in your life, You can get closer to Allah by following Quran and Sunnah in your life.”

“If you want to love Allah then you need to love obey him.”

“If you truly love and fear Allah then don’t sleep without offering Salah (salat), if you truly love Allah then don’t eat without thanking him by saying Alhamdulillah, If you truly love Allah then you should love to hear message of Quran and Sunnah, If you truly love Allah then you should follow Quran and Sunnah in your life.”

“Allah sometimes remove people from your life to help you.”

“Treat your neighbors sincerely with good manners even if they are not Muslims.”

“Before doing anything wrong know that Allah is aware of everything and He is watching to you and your action, so you can hide your acts from the people but not from Allah.”

“If you are blessed with Islam then don’t worry about anything, nothing is greater than imaan. Islam is the greatest gift from Allah for the believers.”

“Enjoy your life of this dunya but without disobeying Allah.”

“Don’t hate each other but help each other and be brothers in Islam.”

“Don’t let your life go the way your desire says but let it go the way Quran and Sunnah say.”

“May Allah remove all the pains, worries and sufferings from our life and provide us a righteous life with full of happiness.”

“Allah the blessings we have in our life is because of the mercy of Allah. So always remember Allah.”

“Never forget to make a dua to get ease and blessings in your life.”

“If you trust and obey Allah then there will be no sad endings in your life.”

“Our this worldly life is temporary while jannah is forever so doo good deeds to gain a place in jannah.”

“When you are depressed then don’t spend your time in worrying about the things but spend your times in doing Dhikr, recitation of Quran, offering Salah(Salat) and making Dua.”

“Don’t lose love of Allah for any worldly thing, but be ready to lose any worldy thing for the sake of Allah.”

“You should strive to make your imaan so strong that if you hurt others then you have strength to apologize and if people hurt you then you should have strength to forgive you.”

“If you want to the solution of your problems then get closer to him by obeying him and cry inform of Allah, Know that your cry in front of the people will not help you.”

“If you want success become a lifestyle in your life then let prayer become habit in your life.”

“May Allah remove ego and hatred from our hearts and bring peace and happiness for us.”

“Practice Islam at every step of your life, Islam beatifies everything.”

“There is no racism in Islam, We all are brothers/siters and equal in Islam.”

“Don’t let any sin become continuous, strive to stop coming sins and become a righteous person.”

“Don’t try to change message of Allah but let message of Allah change us.”

“Best friends are the ones who encourage his friends to obey Allah and remind them about Allah.”

“If want to express your love for your loved ones then make sincere dua for them.”

“Don’t judge a person with what he was yesterday or any past acts because may be He repented and Allah forgiven him.”

“Don’t let shirk and biddag to destroy your imaan.”

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