31+ Short Islamic reminder Quotes

Believers (Muslims) should keep reminding to their fellow Muslims because reminder benefits the believers.  Islam encourages us to do good and forbids us from doing evil. In Islam, poor, rich, ruler, Black, white, Arabian and non-Arabia all are equal. Better are those who are better in doing good deeds.

islamic reminders for youth

“Tomorrow is never promised so start doing good deeds and praying from today.”

“Good parents are those who educate their children about Islam.”

We should practice Islam in our life and motivate people to do so, We can motivate them by having good behavior and sharing Islamic reminders with them.

Some Islamic reminders are as follows. Read following short reminders and do share with your family and friends, Note that your behavior also could become a reminder for them so do the things in the light of Quran and Sunnah and behave people with good manners and speak good words :

“Follow truth and support truth.”

powerful islamic reminders

“Don’t harm your Muslim brothers with your tongue nor hands but help and guide them in the light of Quran and Sunnah.”

“Allah has knowledge of everything whatever we do in our life so fear Allah and worship Allah; Accept plans of Allah and put your trust on Allah.”

Obey Allah quotes

“Obey Allah and Practice teaching of Quran and Sunnah in your life.”

“Abandon haram (Forbidden in Islam) things and acts for the sake of Allah.”

“Some times Allah removes people from around you to protect you and for good to you, Be grateful, think about it and you shouldn’t run after them nor be worried just because they left you.”

“If Allah has blessed you with money then also He is testing you, If Allah made you poor then also He is testing you. Please try to have patience and put your trust in Allah. If you are rich then keep helping poor and needy people. If you are poor then don’t lose hope nor be sad, rely on Allah.”

“Put your trust in Allah but not in mankind nor in any other creation.”

“Do not commit mischief on the earth”

“Be humble and don’t talk indecently nor engage in obscene language.”

“Don’t avenge but forgive and forget.”

“Allah has power to make your enemies as friend, don’t think bad even for your enemies but pray for them that Allah guide them to the straight path of the truth.”

“Quran will tell you solution for all your problems. Please read Quran.”

“Don’t rely on the people but rely on Allah. People can abandon you but will never abandon you if you obey Allah and put your trust in Allah.”

“No one can harm you if Allah wants protect you, No one can save you if Allah wants punish you. So fear Allah amd seek protection from Allah and none.”

“Don’t prevent people from entering into mosques and praying there no matter what sects they belong.”

“Always remember Allah in every situation and try your best to do good deeds, and before going to bed to sleep ask Allah’s forgiveness for all the sins you have committed in the day. “

“Don’t follow anyone person blindly. Verifying the things said by him in the light of Quran and Sunnah.”

“Don’t do promise for negative activities but do promise for positive activities that are endorsed by Quran and sunnah. Be firm on your promise don’t break promises, If you did promised the things which are not endorsed by Quran and Sunnah then break the promise and seek forgiveness of Allah.”

“Don’t do bribery nor engage in it.”

“Don’t harm those who don’t harm you. Even have mercy on those dogs who don’t harm you but don’t take dogs inside your home.”

“Stay true to the teaching of Quran and Sunnah.”

“Have mercy on orphans and protect them.”

“Don’t be sad, heal your problems and sufferings through dua, prayer, patience, reading Quran and putting your trust in Allah. Allah helps those who obey Allah and put their trust in Allah.”

“Stay close to the people who love Allah and remind you about Allah.”

“Never hate nor disrespect a believer no matter what kind of sin he has committed, guide him/her in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Hate the sin but not the person.”

“Take care of your children and feed them and don’t consider as burden to your children.”

“Be kind friendly to those whom you offer charity don’t be abusive towards them nor remind them ever abusively that you offered them. Forget whatever you have donated.”

“Help needy and poor people.”

“Don’t make money from interest nor take part in it directly or indirectly. Consume halal and avoid haram.”

“Give debt to needy people but don’t take any interest. write down debt amount on a paper for knowledge. Grant more time debtor to repay if he is facing hard time and not able to pay currently.”

“Don’t spy nor backbite. “

“This life is test, so be content, confident and proud of your Islamic faith in all the circumstances no matter what.”

“Believe in all Islamic prophets and respect them but worship to only Allah and none.”

“Have mercy on the people and don’t burden a person beyond his capacity and scope.”

“Islam teaches us unity so be united and don’t be divided.”

“Our Hearts are fragile, We need Focus on Salah (prayer), dhikr, Quran, Sunnah, Sabr and duas,  and We need to Control our hearts from evil desires”

“Control your anger and repent often.”

“Speak good and don’t be rude in speech.”

“Don’t worship creation but worship Allah who created us all.”

“Men and women both will be offered equal reward from Allah for their good deeds.”

“Be good to others and don’t speak the words that could give pain to others.”

“If you have been offered to judge the people then judge justly between people.”

“Don’t support act of deceit nor do such acts.”

“Cooperate with each other to learn Quran and Sunnah and become a righteous person but don’t cooperate in acts of sin.”

“Don’t take part in sinful and unlawful acts but Strive to become a righteous person.”

“Don’t consume intoxicants and alcohol.”

“Don’t take part in gamble.”

“Don’t insult faith of others and their gods.”

“Allah helps those who put their trust in Allah, Put your trust in Allah, You will see help and guidance of Allah in your all the matters.”

“Repent often and forgive others for their mistakes.”

“If someone seek help and protection from you then offer him/her.”

“Note that Allah is most merciful and forgiving so repent often and never give up hope of Allah’s Mercy.”

“Worship Allah and none and Invite people towards the truth with wisdom and good instruction.”

“Be respectful and dutiful to your parents and don’t disrespect them..”

“Don’t do kill your children in the fear of poverty. It is Allah who feeds you, your children and all.”

“Use soft words when you speak to others.”

“Don’t enter in the house of others without taking permission.”

“If you truly believe in Allah and obey Allah then you need not to fear. Allah will protect you.”

“Don’t take part in sodomy.”

“Try to make settlement among the people.”

“Repent often and don’t ridicule others.”

“Try to become the most righteous person.”

“Your guests have right over you. Honor guests.”

“Try to become seeker of Islamic knowledge.”

“Behave non-Muslims with good and kind manners.”

“Don’t become a greedy person, save yourself from covetousness. Put your target to achieve Jannah but not pleasure of Dunya.”

“Allah is most merciful and forgiving. Repent and Seek forgiveness of Allah. “

“Learn Islam and spread message of Islam.”

“Feed the poor and encourage to others to feed the poor.”

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