51+ Islamic Sayings and quotes for Life In English

Islam is a religion of peace, justice, truth, tolerance. If we Muslims follow Islam according Quran and Sunnah then no one will feel problem but people will appreciate our belief and our practice. We should not become Muslim just by name but We should become Muslim by faith. If you are having Muslim type name and your are doing wrong thing then people could blame your faith so be wise be wise ‘be Muslim and practice Muslim’

Here I am providing some Islamic sayings and quotes. Read Islamic Sayings and get peace of mind

“Value the ones who take you closer to Allah.”

inspirational islamic sayings

“Our lord is Allah and none. We need ask Allah and none for whatever we want. Allah will give us if We put trust in him and ask him to be sincere.”

“Be grateful and always remember to Allah who granted life to you and provides you with everything whatever you need in your daily life.”

“Purpose of our life is to worship Allah.”

“If your imaan is strong then shaytan can do nothing.”

“Try often repent from a sin, don’t to repent when you are going to sleep.”

islamic sayings

“Remind fellow believers in the light of Quran and Sunnah but not in the darkness of Shirk and Bidah.”

“No matter who we are, or what you do; we all are a servants of Allah, Allah created us to worship Him & serve humanity.”

“Just Memorizing Quran is not enough but you need to need to follow teaching of Quran and Sunnah, and be loyal to Allah and Islam.”

“Don’t worry nor feel alone. Put trust in Allah. Allah is taking care of you.”

“Depend on Allah, and acknowledge his strength. Allah helps those who obey him and rely on him.”

“No one can love you as much as Allah loves you so don’t ignore Allah. Allah is always ready to forgive you, so repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness.”

“If you are a Muslim then you should learn Islam, If you have never studied Islam then how can you tell people about Islam when then will ask you about Islam?”

“It becomes a very terrible thing for a righteous person, when he/she finds that his loves one(s) is/are not practicing Islam.”

“Being rich don’t mean that you have stored a lot of money in your bank account or you have alot of property but being rich means you have strong imaan and you have large amount of good deeds and have been still continuously doing good deeds to please Allah. Note that everyone will die one day and everything will be left in this world except good deeds. Goods deeds will go with you .”

“Note that Allah is most merciful and forgiving. No sin is greater than the mercy of Allah, So turn to Allah and get forgiven by him (Allah).”

“Always remember the truth and don’t lose hope of Allah’s mercy. If you have strong faith in Allah then you are not helpless nor powerless.” -Erdogan

“If you feel hardship or sufferings then don’t grieve nor be sad but remember Allah and make dua. Know that Allah is one who gives hardships to test us and He is one who lifts hardship so overcome hardship with patience (sabr) and remembering Allah.”

“Keep your mind free from hatred and worries and rely upon Allah, give people more and expect less from them, Be Obedient servant of Allah. This will bring peace in your life and you will fell happiness.”

“This life is test. Allah gave us life to test us. Real life is hereafter. Note that an examiner doesn’t speak you directly during exam.”

“Allah is one who tests us believers but we believers don’t test Allah. Allah is our Lord and We cannot question Allah.”

“Whatever happens in our life is with Allah’s will so We need to accept the situation happily and pray Allah to make our situation better and provide us success in this dunya and hereafter.”

“Remember that this Dunya (world) is not a permanent place for us but is a test place for us. Allah gave us life in this dunya to test us so be patient (with sabr) and obey Allah.”

“Islam teaches us to surrender to the will of Allah Almighty means Islam teaches us to follow orders of Allah.”

“Real happiness that brings peace in our heart doesn’t come by just getting a worldly thing that We don’t have, rather, it comes by recognizing the greatness of Allah, Being grateful and thanking Allah for everything you have.”

“Sit with those who fear Allah and remind you about Allah, and encourage you to do good deeds, and stop you doing evil. Sooner or later you will realize that those who are not righteous will not make a good friend.”

“Don’t turn away poor, oppressed, hungry and needy people but be kind to them, love them and bring them near to you and provide them with the help whatever you can provide and pray Allah for their relief.”

“Allah will keep continue to forgive us believers as long as we repent for our sins and ask Allah’s forgiveness.”

“Keep in touch with your relatives even if they cut you off, Treat them well even if they treat you badly and be kind to them even if they are cruel to you. Allah will keep  supporting you against them as long as you do so with sabr.”

“Don’t seek things from world but seek from Allah. Know that Allah is one who controls everything thing. If Allah gives you then no one can take it away from you.”

“Islam brings you from darkness to the light.”

“Even if you have no penny in your pocket then also you can support mosque (Masjid) near you. Do wudu with your own water at home and then go to mosque (Masjid).”

“Control your desires. Stop it when it leads you to the way of destruction.”

“Avoid jealousy and don’t do backbiting. Note that without Avoiding jealousy you cannot avoid backbiting.”

“All the moving (living) creatures receive rizq (Provisions) from Allah. Allah is one who feeds everyone.”

“Obey Allah and never obey anyone against Islam.”

“Speaking good Arabic language doesn’t make us good Muslim but practicing Islam and working according Quran and Sunnah makes.”

“Don’t endorse unjustified increment in borrowing and lending money. Know that Riba is forbidden in Islam according to the Quran and Sunnah. Use halal and endorse halal.”

“We need to know the value of mercy of Allah and thank him by saying ‘Alhamdulillah’. We should know that without the mercy of Allah we would be nothing and get lost. May Allah show mercy upon us and guide us to the path of truth.”

“Don’t hate the people who make you recognize your deficiencies.”

“Note that your efforts and Allah’s help is enough for you to bring success in this life and hereafter.If you will put efforts to change your condition for better only then Allah will help you.”

“Alhamdulillah. Allah blessed us with Islam and made us muslim. There is no greater blessing than the guidance of Allah. May Allah keep guiding us to right path.”

“If you want seek mercy of Allah then repent constantly. Allah loves those who repent often.”

“If Allah has blessed you with Islam and made you a Muslim then your are lucky and special person.”

“Allah is not expecting perfection from us but expecting from us to do our best by following Quran and Sunnah. We are sinner we commit sins but best among us are the ones who often repent and seek forgiveness from Allah.”

“Hate can never remove hate but peace can. We can remove hatred from the world by promoting peace, justice and truth.”

“When you obey Allah and put your trust in Allah then Everything becomes easy.”

“Don’t be quick in calling kaffir to other ones but be quick in inviting to Islam to other ones. Note that declaring kaafir to a believer is a grave sin.”

“Don’t waste a single moment of your life. Obey Allah, do good deeds and spend righteous life.”

“Help poor and needy people, Allah will help you in return for this.”

“No one among us owns Islam but Allah owns Islam, So don’t declare Kaffir to any Muslim. Muslims are brothers so help your brothers.”

“Don’t fear nor be sad, Allah is one who hears and sees everything and helps the believers at every steps of life. So remember Allah He will remember you and help you.”

“You seeking pleasure of this dunya while this dunya was a form of punishment for Adam, (Peace Be Upon him). So be wise and forget worldly pleasure, this dunya is nothing but a deception. Obey Allah and seek forgiveness from Allah and ask Allah a place in Jannah.”

“Islam is easy. We must realize that Allah doesn’t require 100% perfection from us, but He expect from us to try our best to be perfect.”

“Read Quran. Quran is having words of Allah. It melts hard hearts and mends broken hearts.”

“Note that if you lose any worldly thing then there is still substitute for you but if you lose Allah then you will find nothing to replace him so be wise, obey Allah and don’t deny Allah.”

“Allah is one. Worship none but Allah and be firm in the path of Tawhid.”

“Use good words and manners in advising others and leave that which doesn’t concern you.”

“Allah has perfect plans for believers. Put trust in Allah and have patience.”

“If you are facing hardship then seek help from Allah because No one except Allah can rescue us from hardships.”

“Allah Almighty is with the side of us as long as we obey him and we ask Him for forgiveness and We repent.”

“All good deeds will help you on the day of judgment and misdeeds will cause of punishment. So be careful what you do.”

“No matter how much pain people have given you, never treat people the way they treated you but choose better way to behave. Always act with good manners, kind words and and avoid revenge.”

“O Allah you are our lord and one who created us and knows our problems, suffering and needs so please bless us with your blessings and don’t abandon us we need you to get success in our life of this Dunya and hereafter.”

“Don’t argue even if you are right, spread peace, love and tolerance over hate.”

“Treat people with good manners and be perfect in you manners.”

“Islam is against racism so always stand against racism.”

“Fear Allah at all the times, especially when you are alone. Do good deeds and be obedient servant of Allah.”

“If you build a masjid (mosque) in this world for the sake of Allah from your halal income then Allah will build a house in paradise for you.”

“Maintain your fard and Sunnah Salah (prayers) and spend time in remembrance of Allah. In Sha Allah, You will be awarded a place in Jannah”

“No one become Muslim by just using Islamic name but becomes Muslim by believing in Islamic faith and practicing it. So don’t be deceived by one who is having Islamic name but does un-Islamic acts.”

“May Allah make everything easy for us and guide us towards path of truth.”

“Ya Allah, Please keep me focused on Islam, keep blessing me with Islamic way of life and make me righteous.”

“Control your tongue because if you control your tongue then you save yourself from most of sins.”

“Our sins are disease and cure of it is Istighfar(Seeking forgiveness from Allah).”

“May Allah show his mercy upon us and guide us and help us in tough situations and always, and May He forgive us our all sins.”

“Everything happens with the order of Allah and nothing happens without order of Allah.”

“May Allah guide us towards true path, make us righteous and forgive us all for slander, backbiting, gossip, and harming and making fun of one another.”

“Avoid bad company and be with good people because remembering of Allah is much easier when good people are around us.”

“Not everyone who claims to love you, loves you. But the ones love you who guide you towards Islam and bring your closer to Allah.”

“Don’t get impressed with the person who have beautiful face but get impressed with the person who reminds you about Allah and help you to get closer to Allah.”

“There is no better friend than a friend who leading in reminding you Allah and fears Allah.”

“Believers are brothers in Islam. A Muslim shouldn’t belittle another Muslim.”

“Don’t don’t do shirk and biddah to please the ones just because they are your friend. True friends are those who remind you about Allah but not darg you in shirk and biddah.”

“If you lost Tawhid (belief of Oneness of Allah) then you lost Islam. If you lost Islam then you lost every thing.”

“Forgive yourself for every single time and seek forgiveness from Allah, you wasted your time with the wrong people who were trying to take you away from Allah.”

“A believers feels pain of another believer and helps each other for the sake of Allah.”

“Seek forgiveness from Allah, Cleanse your heart and avoid bad company this will improve your life.”

“Fear Allah, Control your tongue and have patience. Allah heps those who have patience. Know that no one is perfect.”

“A good looking face can’t beat a good heart. Be friend of those who have good heart regardless face.”

“Quran is having beautiful words of Allah. It makes us happy when we are sad, It relaxes us when we are stressed, it supports us and makes us strong when we are weak, it cures us when we are sick, It guides us when we are misguided. Surely Reading and reciting Quran is so beneficial.”

“Put your trust is in Allah and seek forgiveness from him. Allah will help you.”

“Ya Allah, Please guide me with your guidance and give me success in this dunya and hereafter.”

“Be kind towards mankind, help needy and oppressed and speak the truth.”

“Spend time with the people who have fear Allah and spend time in remembrance of Allah.”

“The heart knows what is right and what is wrong, when it puts trust in Allah and spends time in remembrance of Allah.”

“Islamic Prayer (Salah) changes the heart of the person who prays.”

“With the remembrance of Allah our heart gets peace and happiness.”

“When someone hurts you, it’s a test of your faith, how you respond. So be wise and respond with kindness and appropriate words.”

“Obey Allah and have patience, because is with those who have patience and after every hardship comes ease.”

“If someone corrects you, thank him/her and don’t get rude or offended.”

“Read Quran with meaning as it will bring peace inside you and will cleanse your heart.”

“Don’t seek the endorsement of the people for your deeds but seek endorsement of Quran and Sunnah. Fear Allah and don’t do the deeds that are not endorsed by Quran and Sunnah.”

“Don’t be sad nor grieve. Turn to Allah and get peace and protection of Allah.”

“Don’t grieve nor be sad, Put your trust in Allah. Allah is always with the side of believers.”

“Every Sunnah is counted as good deed and Allah rewards for it and it helps us believers to attain a place in jannah. So follow Sunnah and never underestimate sunnah.”

“Be real and don’t hurt women because real men don’t hurt women but they protect women.”

“Be wise and stay away from wrong people because one of the worst type of prison in this dunya (worldly life) is to get trapped with the influence of wrong people who.”

“If you wake up and you are alive then you have already got blessings from Allah by getting more time to do good deeds to become a better Muslim to achieve a place in Janah.”

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