11+ Islamic thoughts in English

“Speak words and take actions by taking care guidance of Quran and Sunnah.”

“If you have Islamic knowledge then be humble and share it with others.”

“A friend who reminds you of Allah is one of the best friends.”

“A believer consider to the life of this dunya as a test, each day, each hour, each minute, each second of it. Even when alone, He tries his best to act according Quran and Sunnah..”

“Help poor and needy believers, Allah will have mercy on you and will help you.”

“Whoever follows Islam, follows for his/her own good; whoever abandons Islam abandons for his/her own loss.”

“Never think bad about any believer, When you make a dua for anyone then make it good and positive because you also get benefited with it.”

“No matter how rich and popular you are, death will reach to you one day. Sol eave your ego and obey Allah.”

“Speak the truth no matter how bitter it is for people around you.”

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“If people abandon you at the time of hardship, don’t worry, Know that Allah is always ready to help the believers, We just need obey and trust Allah. If Allah supports you then no one can harm you. Put your trust in Allah. Allah will make everything easy for you.”

“If you are sad then remember to Allah, If you are happy then praise to Allah, If you got any problem then ask Allah for the help.”

“If you want offer sincere love for someone then make dua for them.”

“No one can change plans of Allah, If Allah allows then it will happen, keep making dua and put your trust in Allah.”

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“Allah has knowledge of everything whatever is in your heart even if you don’t include it in your prayers. If the things whatever your desires asks is useful for you then Allah will give you at right time, you just need to put your trust in Allah and keep obeying Allah.”

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“No in matter what situation you have been through, Allah knows it. No matter what is in your heart, Allah knows it. No mater what you have been doing, Allah knows it. Put your trust in Allah.”

“Encourage your friends and family members to obey and fear Allah.”

“Never worry about the things that you cannot control, Put your trust in Allah and accepts his plans. If you truly rely upon Allah then He will make everything easy for you because everything is controlled by Him. Allah helps those who put their trust in Allah and fully reply upon him.”

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“Never mix culture with Islam.”

“If you success in life then put efforts and seek Allah’s help. Nothing is possible without Allah’s help”

“Try your best to make your actions based on Quran and Sunnah.”

“Keep doing preparation for hereafter because in this worldly life everything is temporary.”

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“Every believer is a blessed person; never feel worthless when Allah blessed you with imaan and made you Muslim.”

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“If you have gotten more than you need then share it with poor and needy people.”

“If you have money then spend it according to Quran and Sunnah, If you have Islamic knowledge then teach it to others.”

“Trust and obey Allah. There will be no sad endings for you.”

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“Trust Allah, Follow Quran and Sunnah and seek guidance of Allah, When Allah guides you, you can never be lost.”

“If you want a happy life then focus on Allah over dunya.”

“May Allah, make our best day the day we meet to him.”

“When We understand Islam then You understand purpose of life.”

“No matter where you are and how busy you have been, always remember Allah.”

“Allah has knowledge about everything, He knows more about your problems than anyone else. So seek guidance of Allah in your all of the affair and put your trust on him.”

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